Inhouse Editor
If we really are at the gates of a new world, if technology is truly changing our outlook on life, what role do you want to play in all this? This is a question I have been asking myself and the truth is that my answer keeps changing. Before, I was a student planning to move to Rome and become a Director of art-house cinema. Then I became a Creative Copywriter in a famous advertising agency. Now I write articles for the first and only Cryonics company in Europe, setting its tone of voice and maybe shaping the future a bit. Next.. will I be a yoga teacher? A space traveler? Who knows. In the meanwhile I am here, writing for you. I hope you like it.

Dr. Emil


CEO at Tomorrow Biostasis
Dr. Emil Kendziorra graduated summa cum laude from the University of Göttingen and did several years of cancer research in the hopes of contributing to longevity science. After realizing how slowly life-extension research was progressing he made a pivot into entrepreneurship. He has been CEO of multiple tech and medical companies, most recently as a Founder and CEO of Medlanes (Exit to ZAVA) and onFeedback (Exit to QuestionPro). Emil has decided to dedicate the next decades of this life to advancing medical Biostasis and cryomedicine. Currently, he is the CEO of Tomorrow Bio and the President of the Board at the European Biostasis Foundation.


Azevedo Pinheiro

COO at Tomorrow Biostasis
The life of an entrepreneur is never a straight line. I did all sorts of entrepreneurial things before college. Started my career as a Civil Engineer. Worked as a Project Engineer. Did a MBA. Figured out this life wasn't for me. Resigned. Jumped into an intense high paced working experience crash course. Thanks Rocket Internet. 10 years have passed. 6 different countries. C-Level positions. Founder of a couple of startups. 1 Successful Exit. Found the project of a lifetime: Tomorrow.Bio. Here I will share my thoughts, stories and ideas about Biostasis.

Dr. Irishikesh


Medical Researcher
Dr.Irishikesh Santhosh is a Medical Researcher at Tomorrow Biostasis. He graduated cum laude in medicine from the University of Debrecen, Hungary. He has experience as a student researcher in Cardio-Oncology, and as a Teaching Assistant in the department of surgical operative technique and research. Currently, he is designing and conducting studies in order to improve the medical capabilities at Tomorrow and is the lead surgeon on the Berlin standby team.



Content Creator
Studying technology for a long time has made me realize two things: 1. Human technology is amazing. 2. It could be so much more amazing. Frustrated with the technical limitations of our times, I decided to leave the reinvention of the wheel to my colleagues and dedicate myself to writing about their success instead. I've always felt right at home losing myself in or between the lines. There is not much that excites me more than hearing about something brand new, and being able to be the bearer of good news to everyone else it might concern. For that reason I am happy to write for you and hope my inherent excitement is transported in full through the words you are reading.



Content Creator
In studying societies of the distant past, it’s made me realize just how ingenious and creative humanity is. We’ve gone from stone tools to supercomputers, from chariots to rockets, and who knows what the future will hold. There’s so many possibilities! It’s fascinating to see how humanity has evolved over time, and I’m keen to discover what new technological developments lay in waiting, and how we can benefit from them. I’m always content to dive deep into research and am most at home in articles and books learning more about the world around us. And while I may not be an engineer (I studied archaeology!) I'm happy to share with you all what these new discoveries entail through my writing with a dash of humor.

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