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Pet Cryopreservation - Waking Up In The Future With Your Best Friend

What if after revival you could have your pet by your side?

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Let’s say you’ve decided that cryopreservation is for you. Have you thought about what the future could look like? Maybe you’re excited about the potential of what the future holds, and you’re looking forward to meeting the people of the future. Maybe you’re excited about reuniting with family and best friends who have also decided they want to be cryopreserved. For most, waking up to a familiar face is an extraordinary prospect.

Imagine this

Now imagine this: You’re been revived. A doctor is standing over you explaining what has happened and how things will work now. Maybe you’re a bit anxious… this is a lot to take in after all. You have just been woken up from what could be considered the longest “sleep” of your life! You try to pay attention and process everything that is being said to you, and your thoughts race. After trying to pay attention the doctor assures you there are plenty of processes set up to help you adjust to this new life.

He gives you a great deal of information and is about to give you a break, when he suddenly cheerfully remembers you have a familiar face waiting for you. It’s an old friend that he knows you will be excited to see. You begin to try to figure out who it could be, as you can’t quite place which one of your old buddies had also considered cryopreservation. At that exact moment you light up as the doctor brings your four legged companion in. You can’t believe it! They are just as excited to see you as you are to see them. It’s a wonderful reunion, and through all of the mixed feelings you might have after being woken up you are able to be comforted by one of the greatest friends you’ve ever had: your pet.

Waking up in the future with your best friend.

How is this possible?

Just as humans can be cryopreserved, so can animals. In fact, a conclusion can be drawn that in the moment we are able to revive humans from cryopreservation animals will also absolutely be able to be revived. In fact, before humans can be revived rigorous testing and successful attempts will most definitely need to have been done on animals first.

This means that when you are able to be revived from cryopreservation, just about any typical pet animal (mammal) will be able to also be revived. If you have a cat, dog, rabbit, or even a beloved hamster they have the possibility to join you through the challenge of waking up in the far future, and if your friends and family have decided that cryopreservation was not for them, then this could be an incredible comfort to you.

Pet cryopreservation might be something you are interested in

What we offer

Fortunately, if you have made the decision that cryopreservation is for you, you can also choose cryopreservation for your pet. At Tomorrow Biostasis we offer our members the option of choosing to have their pets cryopreserved. This means that our members can now choose to have their furry friends join them in the future. Not only will you wake up healthier than ever, but so will your best friend.


Have you ever watched Futurama? It’s a cartoon about a man named Fry who has accidentally fallen into a cryopreservation chamber and been woken up centuries later. One of the most heartbreaking scenes in this show is where Fry’s dog is left waiting for him in the past because he has been cryogenically frozen. Check it out here:

The episode jumps to the future and Fry sees his old friend as a fossil and laments that his dog couldn't be there with him. Being cryopreserved with your pet means that you’ll wake up with your companion and you’ll both be healthier than ever.

At Tomorrow, we want our members to make well informed decisions about choosing if cryopreservation is right for them. Many of our current and prospective members have asked if it will be possible to also have their pet cryopreserved. We are happy to say that the answer is yes! However pets cannot be signed up for life insurance so we'll need to discuss the logistics of this with you personally. If you’re interested in this, feel free to contact us as this offering isn't available with any of our current plans on our website.

Book a call and we are more than happy to discuss cryopreserving your pet! And of course if you’re interested in your own cryopreservation we can talk about that as well. 🙂