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Pet Cryopreservation With Tomorrow Bio

Did you know Tomorrow Bio members can sign up pets for cryopreservation too?

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Pet Cryopreservation

What is it?

So, you’ve decided to sign up for Tomorrow Bio’s cryopreservation services. But did you know that in addition to people, Tomorrow Bio cryopreserves pets too? I know, right? If and when revival is possible, you’re not sure what future world you’ll be waking up to. New technologies, new sites, new everything. It can be exciting, if a bit overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean you have to face it alone. You can have your furry companion right beside you as you both begin your new lives.

You might be wondering, “How does pet cryopreservation even work?” Very similar to human cryopreservation, actually. There are a few differences between the two procedures which we’ll explain later on, but for the most part, it’s still the same process. 

When your pet dies, their body must be cooled down till they’re brought to the European Biostasis Foundation storage facility in Rafz, Switzerland. Once there, your pet undergoes the process of cryopreservation till they are in a vitrified state. It’s the same procedure that takes place in human cryopreservation but with more fur.

Before we dive deeper into the procedure for cryopreserving pets, it’s important to know which plan is right for your pet.

Step 1: Signing Up Your Pet

Picking a Plan

So, you’ve just finished signing yourself up to be cryopreserved at a future time. Excellent, that’s the first step done. Remember, this service is only available to Tomorrow Bio members. Do you want your pet to be revived without you, or do you want to wake up in the future without them? Of course not, we want you both to be together.

At the moment, we offer standard services for cats, and large or small dogs. Depending on which plan you choose and the size of your pet in the case for dogs, there is a one-time payment fee. Now, what does this one-time payment mean? These fees are only paid when it is time for your beloved pet to undergo cryopreservation, so you don’t need to worry about paying it when you sign your pet up as a member. 

In addition, pets that are Tomorrow Bio members for over one year will see their one-time payment fees reduced by 50%. Much cheaper than human cryopreservation.

Once you sign your pet up to be cryopreserved, there is a monthly member fee of 25€ per pet. As part of our pet plan, just like with human cryopreservation, your pet will be cryopreserved indefinitely upon death. 

Worried if you have more than one pet? No problem, you can sign up multiple pets so all of your furry friends can join you in the future.

Tomorrow Bio’s pet cryopreservation options for cats, and small or large dogs.
Choose the plan that best suits your furry friend.

Step 2: Live Your Fullest Life until Death

How Our Services Works

So, you’ve signed up Fluffy to be cryopreserved. Purfect! Now you both go on living your lives to the fullest. 

We must state that Tomorrow Bio does not offer euthanization services for pets. If your pet is dying of an incurable disease, and your vet’s professional medical opinion is that it’s time to put them down, this service will have to be organized separately. In addition, while standby services can be discussed during initial consultation, it is not included in the pet plan prices.

However, we still want the best for your pet, just as you do. To ensure your pet receives the best care possible, you could consider taking your pet to a vet near the storage facilities to be put down. This ensures that once your pet is dead, they can be quickly brought to EBF’s storage facility to undergo cryopreservation with minimal ischemic damage.  

Those are ideal conditions. 

However, if your pet suddenly passes, then the most important thing to do is keep their body temperature cool but above 0 degrees Celsius. You can do this by placing your pet in a cooling box with cold water and ice. If you have a thermometer on hand, use it to regularly check and adjust the temperature. This prevents ice crystals forming and damaging the tissue. Remember, cryonics doesn’t want to freeze your pet (or you) but to vitrify them. This ensures that the cell structure isn’t damaged by ice crystals. Instead, the cells (and overall body) are in a glass-like state until revival is possible. 

Once Fluffy’s been cooled, they must be brought to EBF’s storage facility on ice as soon as possible to ensure the highest possible quality cryopreservation.

Step 3: Cryopreservation

What Happens To Fluffy?

Once your faithful friend has been brought to the storage facility, it’s time to begin cryopreservation.

Cryopreserving pets, as previously mentioned, is a similar process to humans. However, there are some key differences. For one, your pet is much smaller than you are (I would hope so). This means that we need a lower quantity of cryoprotectants during the cryopreservation procedure. In addition, because pets are smaller than people, they take up little space. This makes it much easier to store them indefinitely until they can eventually be revived with future technologies. In addition, the amount of liquid nitrogen needed to keep pets cold is significantly less compared to people.

Step 4: Welcome to the Future

Revival and Reintegration

So, while Fluffy’s being housed in EBF’s secure facility, you continue with your life until it’s your turn to undergo cryopreservation. You will go through a similar procedure to Fluffy, and, although we don’t know when, we will work to develop the critical revival technology to give you a chance to experience the future alongside your pet.

We can’t predict if and when revival will be possible. We don’t know what the future will hold or what it will even look like. But, you can rest easy knowing that at your possible future revival you won’t be alone when you wake up. You’ll have your best friend right beside you as you both readjust and reintegrate into the new world. 

A dog and cat nuzzling each other outside.
Reintegration in the future will be easier with a friend.


Whatever distant future you possibly wake up to, you can expect that, at the very least, things will be different from the world you were cryopreserved in. It may seem strange and mind-boggling, but it doesn’t have to be! With cryopreservation, it may be possible that there could be at least one familiar, furry face to greet you in the future, one who will be more than happy to see you. At Tomorrow Bio, we are happy to provide our members the chance for their pets to join them in the future.

Want to learn more about our pet cryopreservation prices? Then schedule a call with us to find out which plan is best for you! And remember, this service is for members only, so if you want this amazing opportunity for your pet, consider signing up now!

Tomorrow Bio is the worlds fastest growing human cryopreservation provider. Our all inclusive cryopreservation plans start at just 45€ per month. Learn more here.