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Unique Equipment You Can Find in a Biostasis Office

Discover how Tomorrow Bio is equipped to provide its unique service.

The Tomorrow Bio office in Berlin might look like any other regular office at first sight, but looking more closely you can spot a few things that you wouldn’t find in a “normal” workplace. Afterall we aren’t just a biotech company on paper, but own a bunch of equipment accurately reflecting our field of work. Join us on a tour through the Tomorrow Office and discover what unique tools we have in store.

(Relatively) Regular Office Equipment

Before we dive into the unusual findings, let’s first go over what “normal” kind of equipment we use at our Berlin office.

Our marketing and sales teams are a crucial part of Tomorrow, and as you may expect, our workplace is equipped with many tools to assist them at their job.

The office is equipped with TVs and whiteboards to aid in visualizing our frequent brainstorming and feedback sessions. For video production we have a designated recording space with lights, cameras and a lot of action at our disposal. Most other marketing and sales operations, how else could it be in the 21st century, are conducted on one of our many PCs.

Oh, and there’s a coffee machine. Can’t have an office without that.

(Not So) Regular Office Equipment

Onwards to some equipment that might not be out of the ordinary per se, but is usually reserved for other places than an office.

We are talking about our engineering room, that we supplied with modern engineering equipment suited to build things of many different sizes and functionalities. Apart from tool boxes filled with screwdrivers and the like, we also call a 3D printer our own. Our engineering team uses it to print individual pieces we might need for our bigger projects, as well as prototypes and backup parts. 

Apart from small 3D-printable pieces, you can also find prototypes of our bigger projects in our office, like our recently finalized transport box. The engineering team is steadily working on new projects and has often led to some heads turning, wondering what they might be up to creating next.

A tomorrow branded suitcase with a sternal saw lying on top
Some of our drill-like equipment does in fact not belong to the engineering team, such as this sternal saw which is used for surgery

Unique Office Equipment

Now to the main event: Equipment that you will most likely not find in any other office. 

Equipment Prototypes and Backup Parts

Like we mentioned before, there are prototypes of all kinds of mechanical and technical equipment (e.g. transport box), to be found inside the Tomorrow office. This includes backup parts for everything we’ve built, to ensure we always have what we need for quick deployment of our SST team

A Lot of “Cool” Stuff

As a company working in the field of cryonics, we are of course equipped with all sorts of things necessary for cryoprotection and preservation. On one end of the office you can find multiple fridges full of homemade cryoprotective agents ready for field deployment. On the other there’s a portable thermic box and fridges well-suited for bringing them with us in our ambulance. Additionally, an ice machine guarantees that we’ll never run out of our potentially life-saving natural coolant.

2 bags filled with cryoprotective agents
Cryoprotective agents are one-time-use only and have to be constantly cooled until deployment.

Perfusion Systems & LUCAS

For Tomorrow Bio to be able to conduct field cryoprotection, we have invested in multiple perfusion systems. 

A stationary perfusion system is located inside our ambulance. It’s a permanent addition to our field cryoprotection and used to replace blood from the patient's body with cryoprotection agents. It is attached to the ice-bath, but can be moved together with it, if necessary.


Additionally, we built an additional mobile perfusion system that can easily be transported in our fast response vehicle. It finds its usage in cases where the ambulance can’t reach a patient, and we have to use other means of travel. (e.g. by plane)

One more thing to add to our list of equipment are our 2 LUCAS devices - chest-compression devices that are used to re-establish basic circulation in the patient’s body after legal death. It can use the remaining oxygen in the blood and support cooling via convection, until the cryoprotection procedure can begin. Doing this can potentially make revival easier in the future.

Tomorrow Bio’s mobile perfusion system
Tomorrow Bio’s mobile perfusion system

Surgical Equipment

To further blur the line between office and emergency room we call a plethora of surgical equipment for cryoprotection procedures our own. From scalpels, scissors and sutures, to sterile scrubs, gloves, masks and many more. The initial cryoprotection procedure has its similarities with regular surgical procedures, which is why we need a lot of the same equipment for it.

On the mechanical side, roller pumps (same pumps used in cardiopulmonary bypass systems) are used within our perfusion system to streamline the process, while an autoclave is taking care of properly sterilizing all the equipment.

None of this is done directly at the office, but it is nonetheless inspected and ordered here, so you might see it from time to time.

SST Ambulance

Not exactly within our office space, but right in front of it, parks our SST ambulance. This custom-built vehicle that started out as a regular ambulance is the centerpiece of our field cryopreservation in Europe. It is equipped with everything we need to conduct our procedure, such as an ice bath, including some of the equipment we mentioned earlier, like surgical equipment and a perfusion system. Furthermore, monitoring tools help us keep a good overview of important data during fast-paced procedures. This ambulance certainly is the accumulation of a lot of hard work here at Tomorrow Bio.

Tomorrow Bio's ambulance on a highway
Tomorrow Bio’s ambulance ready for deployment at any time


Cryopreservation is a complicated and varied undertaking, which is why we are employing people from many different fields of expertise like doctors, engineers, sales- and marketing experts, writers and more. 

For that reason, we have gathered gadgets to suit the needs of each of these teams individually, as you just saw.

Tomorrow Bio is a very ambitious project which reflects in the sheer variety of cultures, fields of work, and equipment found in its Berlin office.

Made you interested in working here as well? Watch our new video on Youtube, and discover why you should consider joining ourTomorrow Bio’s office.

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