Cryonicist's Horizons

Transforming Cryonics: Tomorrow Bio's Solution to long-distance transport

Feb 06, 2024
Join Emil, founder and CEO of Tomorrow Bio, as he delves into the innovative realm of cryopreservation. In this enlightening video, he discusses the logistical challenges and solutions in transporting cryopreserved bodies, focusing on the advancements made by Tomorrow Bio and the European Biostasis Foundation. Learn about the critical aspects of cryoprotection procedures, the significance of reducing time delays in transportation, and the pioneering methods used for safe and efficient transit within Europe and beyond. Discover the cutting-edge strategies employed for avoiding ice crystal growth during transport and the future prospects of global cryopreservation services. Whether you're a science enthusiast, a professional in the field, or simply curious about cryonics, this video offers a comprehensive insight into the latest developments in this fascinating science.