Cryonicist's Horizons

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How Many People Are Currently Cryonically Preserved?

Cryonics by the Count: A Look at Current Figures

Cryonic preservation, the process of preserving deceased individuals at ultra-low temperatures with the hope of future revival, has garnered significant attention in recent years. To gain a better understanding of its prevalence and impact, let's explore the current numbers and trends in cryonics.

The Count of the Cryonically Preserved: Unveiling the Statistics

As of today, approximately 500 individuals worldwide have chosen to undergo cryonic preservation. These individuals have made a bold decision to place their faith in the potential for future advancements in science and medicine to bring them back to life.

Furthermore, the numbers extend beyond the already cryopreserved. Over 4,000 people around the globe have taken proactive steps by signing up for cryonics, indicating their interest in this innovative approach to potentially extending their existence beyond the boundaries of traditional life and death.

The Motivations Behind Cryonic Sign-Ups: Exploring the Reasons

The decision to sign up for cryonic preservation is influenced by a variety of motivations and beliefs. Let's explore some of the key reasons why people choose to embark on this extraordinary journey:

Hope for Future Revival: Many individuals sign up for cryonics because they believe in the potential for future scientific advancements to revive them. They see cryonics as a chance to overcome the limitations of current medical technology.

Preservation of Identity: Some view cryonics as a way to preserve not only their physical bodies but also their identities, memories, and consciousness. They hope to retain their sense of self in the event of revival.

Avoiding Irreversible Death: Cryonics offers an alternative to the finality of death. Those who choose cryonic preservation hope to avoid irreversible death and embrace the possibility of a second chance at life.

Belief in Technological Progress: A strong belief in the rapid pace of technological advancement motivates many to sign up for cryonics. They anticipate that future breakthroughs will make revival a reality.

Altruistic Motives: Some individuals choose cryonics not only for their own benefit but also with the hope of contributing to scientific research and advancements in the field. They see it as a way to push the boundaries of human knowledge.

Medical Conditions and Uncertainties: Individuals facing terminal illnesses or conditions with no current cure may turn to cryonics as a last resort, hoping that future treatments may offer a solution

Adventure and Exploration: For some, the decision to sign up for cryonics is driven by a sense of adventure and curiosity. They view it as an opportunity to participate in a groundbreaking experiment.


The motivations behind signing up for cryonics are as diverse as the individuals who make this choice. It reflects a blend of hope, belief in science, a desire for continuity, and a profound curiosity about the possibilities of life beyond the present. While the technology for revival remains uncertain, these motivations continue to drive individuals to explore the enigmatic world of cryonic preservation.

The world of cryonics stands at a unique intersection of science, hope, and the quest for extending the human lifespan. With approximately 500 individuals already cryonically preserved and more than 4,000 expressing their interest, cryonics has undeniably captured the imagination of many.

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