Documents for Members

Biostasis Contract

Here you can find an example of the Biostasis contract that Tomorrow Bio members receive. The contract includes a Support and Research Agreement and Last Will and Testament Regarding Body Donation. Signing the contract makes it legally possible for a cryopreservation to take place. This contract is automatically pre-populated and emailed to members after they complete the online sign up.

Pet Biostasis Contract

Here you can find an example of the Biostasis contract for pets. Members of Tomorrow Bio have the option to sign up their pets for cryopreservation. See more information on this option here.

Last Will

We recommend that all of our members create a hand-written or notarized last will based on the templates provided. This ensures that Tomorrow Biostasis can carry out a cryopreservation even if there are legal challenges by people (usually relatives) who do not want the patient to be cryopreserved. In most case of cryopreservation there are no legal challenges, but a last will adds extra security in case it's necessary. For the document to be legally useful you need to mail the original hand written or notarized last will to Tomorrow Biostasis, Rungestrasse 25, 10179, Berlin, Germany.

Alternative Funding Method Document

This document is for members who sign up using the Membership Only plan and do not plan to use their own insurance to fund their cryopreservation. This document can be made highly individual (not every part needs to be filled out), as members can choose how they would like to pay for the cryopreservation in the event of their death (last will, contact relative for funds, etc.). Please fill out the document and send it to your contact person at Tomorrow Biostasis or

Patient Advance Directive

We recommend that all of our members create a Patient Advance Directive based on the templates provided, because in some cases it can help Tomorrow Biostasis to be more quickly notified in the event of an unexpected death. If you are admitted to a hospital incapacitated (coma, etc.) doctors will usually ask for a Patient Advance Directive. Some countries have data bases where you can upload your Patient Advance Directive so that the doctor can access it online. Otherwise, we recommend that you give a copy to your doctor and/or put it somewhere easily accessible (shared google doc, etc.) and tell your loved ones how to access it so that they can give it to the doctor in the event that you are incapacitated.