Tomorrow Bio

Tomorrow Bio was founded by doctors, engineers, and entrepreneurs to further Biostasis science and provide a high quality cryopreservation. Get to know more about our mission and our team.
Our purpose

Why was Tomorrow founded?

Tomorrow's founder, Dr. Emil Kendziorra, started his work in the field of cancer research with the goal of contributing to life extension science. After realizing that longevity science was not advancing fast enough, Emil switched his focus to Biostasis.


To build a world where people can choose how long they want to live -Independent of where they are, who they are, and their financial resources.


To spread awareness and inform people honestly on the option of Biostasis. To offer a high quality cryopreservation service. And to conduct and fund research to further the field of Biostasis.

Research Goals

Engineering solutions to improve cryopreservation cases that might happen tomorrow and to conduct applied and translational research to fundamentally improve the field in the long-term.
Medical readiness

Our SST Capabilities

Providing a fast and high quality cryopreservation is one of our top priorities. We have a medical standby team in Berlin, in Amsterdam via a partner, and will soon have a team in Zurich and the US. Our teams have specially equipped ambulances capable of facilitating full cryoprotection on site (down to -76°C). Should one of our members die outside of Western Europe we also have flight kits with all necessary cryoprotection equipment in order to provide worldwide standby coverage.
Basic info

Key facts about Tomorrow

Cost of cryopreservation
Investing & Developing
Research in Biostasis
Our all-inclusive plans start at just €45 a month
Sign up can be completed entirely online within minutes
We help members set up an alternate funding method whenever requested
Learn about pricing & plans
Fast & quality cryopreservation
Standby teams in Europe
Standby teams in Berlin and Amsterdam (via a partner)
Standby team in Zurich coming soon
Collaboration with and training of local first response teams
Our Standby Procedures
Future proof structure
Built for long-term security
Long-term care at a non-profit foundation in Switzerland
Funds managed by an independent Patient Care Trust
Patients stored in underground part of facility
Our Structure & Partners
Who started Tomorrow


Tomorrow was founded in 2019 by Dr. Emil Kendziorra. Emil is a medical doctor by training and spent years as a cancer researcher and entrepreneur before founding Tomorrow. Fernando Azevedo Pinheiro, an experienced entrepreneur, joined the as COO in 2020.
Where we're based


Tomorrow's office is located in central Berlin. You are welcome to come by and visit if you want to meet the team or see one of our medical standby ambulances. In addition to a Berlin standby team we also have a standby team in Amsterdam via a partner and soon a team in Zurich and the US.
Future proof structure


Our patients are stored in the underground part of the European Biostasis Foundation's (EBF) facility in Rafz, Switzerland. EBF is a non-profit organization that works together with Tomorrow to provide a high quality and secure cryopreservation service.
Our Members
European Cities
Our Members

Where are Tomorrow Bio members located?

Currently, we only accept members who are based in Europe, but we provide worldwide coverage in case one of our members dies outside of Europe.
Companion organization

European Biostasis Foundation

The European Biostasis Foundation (EBF) is a Swiss non-profit organization with a close partnership to Tomorrow. EBF was created by a board (see pictured) of individuals with an extensive history in the field of cryopreservation. Tomorrow's patients are stored in the underground part of the EBF's newly built facility in Rafz, Switzerland. EBF is organizationally and geographically optimized for long-term stability, giving Tomorrow's patients the best possible chance to make it to the future.
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