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5 Things You Must Know About the Biostasis2022 Conference

Are you ready for Biostasis2022? Check out some key details below.

Biostasis2022 is the third annual Biostasis conference in a series hosted by the European Biostasis Foundation (EBF). After experiencing such a successful turnout the last few years, we’re excited to bring the biostasis community together once again. Leading scientists, providers, startups, and foundations within the biostasis field around the world will come together for this event. You can expect to hear about topics regarding research advancements, ethics, and new approaches in the field of cryonics.  The event will run from October 21 to October 23, 2022. Both on-site tickets and (FREE) livestream options are available, so you can listen to renowned speakers regardless of your location. Throughout Biostasis2022, you can expect to gain a more comprehensive understanding of biostasis science and where it’s headed. You’ll also enjoy plenty of opportunities to network with experts and people interested in the field. As the date approaches, make sure you know these five essential pieces of information to properly prepare!

A picture of EBF's long-term storage facility for cryopreserved patients
Biostasis2022 will be held at EBF’s newest facility (pictured above) in Rafz, Switzerland

5 Things to Know About the Biostasis2022 Conference 

1. It Will Be Held at the New EBF Facility

This year, we’re excited to announce that the Biostasis2022 conference will take place in Rafz, Switzerland at EBF’s new facility. This facility was built for biostasis research and the long-term storage of cryopreserved patients, so it’s the perfect location to host members of the cryonics community. The European Biostasis Foundation designed their facility with five characteristics in mind: usefulness, stability and security over many decades, scalability, and representativeness. As a collaborative partner founded alongside EBF, Tomorrow Bio is excited to bring the biostasis community together in this new location for the first time. During the Biostasis2022 conference, visitors will be able to tour the facility, visit our labs, and see some of our cryogenic storage dewars. 

2. Some of the Most Renowned Speakers in the Field Are Scheduled

Over the course of the Biostasis2022 conference, relevant topics from A to Z will be covered by an impressive list of renowned speakers from across the world. There will be plenty of opportunities to connect, share, and discuss ideas and research in an intimate setting. You’ll also get the opportunities to listen to several talks from some of the most distinguished speakers in the cryonics industry.The current lineup of Biostasis2022 speakers includes the following experts: 

  • Aaron Drake —  the Director of Research and Chief Specialist at the Yinfeng Institute for Biological Sciences, based in Shandong, China
  • Max More — current Ambassador and President Emeritus of the Alcor Life Extension Foundation (after serving almost nine and a half years as president and CEO) 
  • Dr. Roman Bauer — Lecturer and BioDynaMo Spokesperson at the University of Surrey
  • Eric Vogt —Co-Founder at the  International Cryomedicine Experts
  • Aschwin de Wolf —Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Neural Biosciences
  • Dr. João Pedro de Magalhães —World-renowned researcher, Microbiologist, and head of the Integrative Genomics of Aging Group at the University of Liverpool
  • Dr. Ramon Risco —Academic researcher from the Engineering School-University of Seville
  • David Wood — Author of “The Singularity Principles” and current Chair of the London Futurists
  • Peter Tsolakides —Founder, Director, and Chairman of Southern Cryonics
  • Michael Benjamin —from Advanced Neural Biosciences

Many of these speakers are back again from the Biostasis2021 conference and we’re looking forward to hearing more inspiring information from them this year! Individual topics have yet to be confirmed, but you can expect to hear about everything from basic and applied research to marketing, ethics, service providers and new approaches being utilized in the field! 

3. You Can Attend Online or In-Person

Another important thing that you must know about Biostasis2022 is that you can attend either online or in-person! Although onsite attendance is limited, purchasing a ticket gives you access to all three days of the event. You don’t need to be intertwined in the biostasis industry or scientific community to attend. Biostasis2022 welcomes everyone from the scientific community to engaged members of the general public and the media. However, everyone can attend online through our live stream options—free of charge! The entire conference day will be available for you to watch from wherever you are in the world. 

For members of the cryonics community that are interested in furthering biostasis research, we also have a third option. By selecting this ticket, you’ll gain live stream access and have the opportunity to make a donation that will go towards funding research. The live stream tickets remain free, but your donations have a strong impact on research and development as they help fund the cryonics industry. 

4. There Will Be Plenty of Time to Network

Although the three-day schedule of events during Biostasis2022 is packed with activities and expert speakers, there will still be plenty of time for networking. In addition to brief breaks in between each speaker, Biostasis2022 will host dinner at the EBF facility on Saturday night. This is the perfect opportunity to meet other cryoenthusiasts, ask personalized questions, and develop a stronger bond with the biostasis community as a whole. We also encourage all of our guests to make the most of our morning coffee welcomes, scheduled lunches, and other breaks throughout the day. 

5. Our Open House Will Be Held on Sunday

Finally, as we mentioned, our open house is currently scheduled for Sunday, October 23, 2022. The open house is Sunday’s daily event to create EBF and community relations. This means that everyone is welcome to join us in person, even if they didn’t purchase a ticket. Whether you’re a speaker, attendant, or any member of the public, you’re welcome to come by. During our open house, you’ll receive a tour of the facility, plenty of networking opportunities, and an ongoing BBQ to celebrate the close of another successful biostasis conference. 


Tomorrow Bio is excited to get together with other members of the cryonics community and we can’t wait to see you at the Biostasis2022 conference! If you have any questions about tickets or details surrounding the event, make sure you check out the Biostasis2022 website here. Have you secured your spot yet? If so, jump on Discord and start networking early with other members of the cryonics community.

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