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Our First Open House Meet Up In Berlin

A little summary of our successful first meeting with Tomorrow's members!

Our first ever Open House Meet Up was an incredible success! We’d like to thank everyone who came for taking part in the occasion.

Open House attendees

The night started off with welcoming attendees to our new office for drinks, food and discussion. CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Emil Kendziorra gave a brief welcome speech. He then showed off our medical ambulance that we use for standby.

Ambulance at the Open House Meet Up

The team enjoyed chatting with our current customers and also introducing ourselves to new faces. The greatest thing driving the success of Biostasis is the like minded forward thinking people like all of you who support us. Thank you especially to all of those that attended, you were an important part of this special event and we sincerely appreciate your attendance!

Open House attendees

We can’t wait to put on similar events with dialog themes, interesting speakers in the fields of medicine and technology, and more. We’re growing this Biostasis community steadily and moving this to a point where this technology is more affordable, available, and accessible for anyone that decides that this is for them.

Stay tuned for the next event we put on. We can’t wait to see you there!

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