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A Timeline of Tomorrow Bio Since Inception

Retrace the steps of Tomorrow Bio from inception until today.

Tomorrow Bio is the world's fastest growing cryopreservation provider. Over 250 members have joined our vision since we started sign-ups last year and we’re only just getting started. Join us, as we turn back time to review the progress of Tomorrow Bio since inception and discover how Dr. Emil Kendziorra, Fernando Azevedo Pinheiro and their team built Europe's first and only cryopreservation organization from the ground up.

The Founders of Tomorrow Bio
Dr. Emil Kendziorra (left) and Fernando Azevedo Pinheiro (right)



Tomorrow Bio was founded in December 2019 by Dr. Emil Kendziorra. Around the same time Emil and five other individuals, all highly passionate about the potential of Biostasis, established the European Biostasis Foundation (EBF) in Basel, Switzerland. EBF is a non-profit foundation dedicated to basic, translational and applied research in the areas of biostasis, cryobiology and biopreservation . They work closely together with Tomorrow Bio. This early cooperation between EBF and Tomorrow Bio ensures that Tomorrow’s future patients will benefit from a secure long-term storage solution. Even if Tomorrow Bio would cease operations, EBF is legally bound to uphold cryopreservation of Tomorrow Bio’s patients.

Outside the Tomorrow Bio office in Berlin


Establishing the Medical Infrastructure

With a solid foundation established, the next step was to set up the required medical infrastructure. This entailed the procurement of our ambulance and other medical equipment including all the big and small components you find in a regular hospital. Additionally, we obtained many specifically tailored pieces of equipment for the practice of cryopreservation, like our perfusion and cooling systems. We also worked out the necessary logistics for Standby and trained our medical staff in the cryopreservation procedures.

Inside the Tomorrow Bio Ambulance in 2021

Debut of the Annual Biostasis Event

Biostasis2020, the first annual Biostasis conference, was held online on the 24th and 25th of October, 2020. We welcomed 16 speakers from the cryonics community all over the world and listened to 20+ incredibly interesting talks regarding new research, groundbreaking achievements and future prospects, to name a few. Max More (the previous CEO of Alcor), David Wood and Roman Bauer were just a few of the prominent names that spoke at the event. The newly established Biostasis conference continued to grow in 2021 and onwards with more attendees, enhanced production values and in-person events in Switzerland.

The cryonics community gathered at the Biostasis 2021 in Zürich, Switzerland


Start of cryopreservation sign-up

In 2021 we really got the ball rolling at Tomorrow Bio. January marked the official start of our cryopreservation sign-up, giving people all over Europe the option to opt-in to the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of Biostasis. Initially, 1-2 new members signed up per month, but the word soon spread and we were happy to report that we welcomed more than 150 members by the end of the year.

Further expansion of medical infrastructure

Growing our membership was just one of our goals that year. To adequately cover the entire DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), the further expansion of our medical infrastructure was of utmost importance and worked on as well. Tomorrow Bio invested a lot in their medical equipment that year, adding a new and improved perfusion system, better monitoring tools, training dummies, flight kits and more.

Launch of Marketing Initiative

2021 also marked the start of our ongoing marketing initiative. It is part of our mission to educate people about all things related to Biostasis and carry our vision out into the world. To set this plan in motion we launched our first online publication. We’ve been rolling out educational and informational articles (like the one you are reading right now) ever since. Our social media presence also leveled up, as we started publishing videos on our Youtube channel, and directly engaging with our community on Facebook and Instagram.

Christmas activities at Tomorrow Bio after an exciting, but exhausting year


Start of Tomorrow Fellow Program

2022 continued to be a very eventful time for Tomorrow Bio. February marked the start of our very own Discord server, where people from all over the world can meet other, like-minded cryo-enthusiasts and engage in thought-provoking discussion about all things Cryonics. In April, our Tomorrow Fellow program was initialized, enabling cryo-curious individuals to support cryopreservation research and enjoy great benefits in return. 

Finished Construction of Storage Facility

A European cryopreservation provider isn’t complete without a European cryopreservation storage facility. We knew that, so we built one. In April 2021 construction of the EBF storage facility based in Rafz, Switzerland was completed. The facility is located in a geographically and politically secure spot and managed by the EBF, to ensure the long-term safety of our patients. Inside, on the ground floor, our scientists will conduct important research on cryoprotectants and Biostasis as a whole, while our storage dewars are safely deposited underground. The medical and storage rooms are fitted for our specific needs and stocked with state-of-the-art equipment for perfusion, surgery, etc.. The official grand opening of the facility is planned for the Biostasis2022 event in October 2022.

The newly built facility in Rafz, Switzerland will act as a research facility and long-term storage for Tomorrow Bio’s patients

Update of Website and Launch of Insight

July saw the overhaul and relaunch of our main website, including a new layout and clearer design while maintaining all the same customer-friendly availability we devoted to our visitors in the past. Around the same time, our articles moved to our rebranded editorial page called “Insight”. This change enabled us to further expand our educational efforts and create a dedicated online-space for it.

Insight is the place to go if you want to find out more about Biostasis and related topics

2023 and Beyond

Tomorrow Bio is still a very young company, and we know we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us - work we are passionate about. We see cryopreservation as a grand opportunity to give people the option of choosing how long they want to live. For that purpose, Tomorrow Bio is pushing the field forward like no other company has attempted before. In the future we will keep expanding in multiple ways. That includes our research efforts, standby service, medical infrastructure and more. 

Tomorrow Bio's Timeline

If you want some more information about all things Cryonics, feel free to schedule a call with us any time. We are happy to answer any questions you might have!

Tomorrow Bio is the worlds fastest growing human cryopreservation provider. Our all inclusive cryopreservation plans start at just 31€ per month. Learn more here.