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Why Should I Work at Tomorrow Bio?

Interested in a new unique career? Consider cryonics and Tomorrow Bio.

Career in Cryonics: Why Not?

Considering a career change? Interested in making a difference or contributing something meaningful to society? Well, it might interest you to know that at Tomorrow Bio, we are looking to expand our team. We are based in the start-up capital of Europe, Berlin; a prime location for promoting new innovative technology. We may be a young company, but our drive and determination to achieve affordable cryopreservation for everyone has attracted some of the best and brightest minds to our Tomorrow team. 

You too could be a part of that team! But why should you consider Tomorrow Bio?

Tomorrow Bio Today

Standby Team

Part of Tomorrow Bio’s complete cryopreservation program includes providing members with our own comprehensive standby teams or SSTs. In case anyone is unfamiliar with the term, SST stands for Standby, Stabilization, and Transport. These are the highly trained individuals who will look after you throughout the cryopreservation procedure. They will arrive to you prior to legal death (or after depending on the situation), provide field cryoprotection and finally transport you to the European Biostasis Foundation’s facility for long-term storage.

So, what made our current standby team join Tomorrow Bio? Let’s ask them.

Our medical researcher and lead surgeon, Dr. Irishikesh Santhosh, has always been into cryonics since he was a teenager. When he watched a documentary on Alcor and cryopreservation, he instantly realized that he wanted to be cryopreserved. 

“I was looking for jobs where I could put my medical and surgical knowledge to use and very randomly came across Tomorrow and was really glad that I did! I applied for an internship which then turned into a full time position.” 

For Rishi, the chance to learn what goes into running a biotech organization was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up. In addition to being our lead surgeon and medical researcher, he currently designs and conducts studies in order to improve Tomorrow Bio’s medical capabilities. 

So, Rishi, why should people consider working for this company? 

”It’s a chance to be part of a bleeding edge biotech field and redefine death.”

But Tomorrow isn’t just made up of medical researchers and surgeons. Let’s take a look at what our other teams do and why they are eager for you to join.

Our Office Team

It’s not just the standby team that carries out important work for Tomorrow Bio, but also the team behind the screens. You know, the ones writing and producing content for you all to enjoy and learn about cryonics (like this one!). Without this team, how can we hope to reach out to you fine people about Tomorrow Bio and all things cryonics?

Our key departments at Tomorrow Bio are our Marketing, Sales, Product Management, and Engineering. But what drew them to cryonics and Tomorrow Bio?

The exterior of Tomorrow Bio's Berlin office.
Our Berlin headquarters.

Marketing Team

Our marketing team is the motor that keeps Tomorrow running. Everyday, we work diligently to produce educational and informative content on cryonics, cryopreservation and any and all related topics. This includes researching and writing articles for Tomorrow Insight and keeping members up to date with our newsletters. And it’s not just written content, but also videos too! We also engage with the wider cryonics community via social media platforms like Discord, even event planning!

So how does one end up working in our marketing department? Let’s ask one of our key team members: marketing manager Márcia Tibério.

“Despite my career in pharmaceuticals and innovation, I’d never heard the term cryonics. When Tomorrow Bio told me about the opportunity, obviously a lot of questions popped into my mind. Throughout the process, I became enchanted by issues related to the theme that made me accept the enriching challenge of working here.”

It has been a challenge bringing cryonics into the mainstream. Márcia oversees marketing operations within Tomorrow Bio, and helps guide us to make cryonics and cryopreservation more accessible to the public. Difficult to be sure, but it’s a challenge Márcia is happy to tackle.

“Tomorrow Bio’s marketing is dedicated to creating a strong and diverse community, open to innovation and strengthening relationships through quality content, events, videos, social media and PR strategies.”

It may be a challenge for our department, but not impossible. For team members like Luiza Horowicz, our multimedia producer, she is skeptical of what we define as impossible.

“Right now, we believe that once you die, there is nothing that can be done. History has shown us that what we thought was impossible is just…not possible yet. I think it’s a creative challenge to communicate the values of something so innovative as life extension. That’s why I got excited about working at Tomorrow Bio!”

That is at the heart of Tomorrow Bio: turning what seems to be impossible into possible. In this case, making cryopreservation and revival as a viable option for people so they can choose how long they want to live for. It is a challenge that all of us at Tomorrow Bio are willing to tackle.

But why Tomorrow Bio? Why should you consider us? For our graphic designer Nhi Vu, the answer was simple.

“Tomorrow Bio is the first company providing this medical service in Germany, it is a great opportunity to join this field and discover new technology in the future.”

But what about our other departments? What do they have to say about working with Tomorrow Bio?

Sales Team

Just as a sailboat can’t function without sails, a cryonics company can’t function without a sales department. Our department works to ensure that we provide a high quality service and fosters relationships between Tomorrow and our members. This includes arranging funding options for newly incorporated members, welcoming and taking care of any issue our current members may need help with and of course generating new ideas as to how we can sell our medical service to a wider audience. A challenge, especially with a topic like cryopreservation, but Javiera Rubio from sales likes a challenge!

“I liked the friendly approach that the firm portrayed regarding such a complex and difficult topic as cryopreservation.” 

Dealing with something like cryonics and making it more accessible and understandable is a valuable approach that Javeria recognizes is key to Tomorrow Bio’s success. 

”Here everyone is constantly questioning and proposing new ideas for what is already established as the ‘norm’.”

For anyone who likes a challenge, and technological development, Tomorrow Bio is the right place to work.

And what of those on the team who actually create the medical technology necessary to carry out cryopreservation and research?

Engineering Team

If marketing and sales helps us reach our services out to the wider cryonics community, then engineering works to develop new and innovative technology. They help keep the medical/technological infrastructure in check, but also improve upon the existing systems to make the procedure faster and more efficient. They build parts or even entire systems, and test them out against older ones to see if they are beneficial to the cryopreservation process. They work hand in hand with the medical team to come up with new solutions.

This is what compelled our medical engineer Thomas Smolak to join the Tomorrow Bio engineering team. 

“I have always been fascinated by topics like these, including cryonics since my childhood. So, when it turned out to be a choice of work, it immediately became a priority.” 

Compared to other established professions that were boring or too normal, cryonics stood out to Thomas.

“I need frontier work, questions which aren’t answered yet and benefit from a broader perspective.” 

Although it was by pure chance that he came across Tomorrow Bio, Thomas was quick to apply. Since then, he has been busy helping to design and construct new and improved equipment for our Tomorrow Bio team. For him, anyone who needs a challenge, to solve problems, and can work both in a team and independently should apply to Tomorrow Bio.

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Which Tomorrow Bio project will you contribute to?


If you’re looking for a challenge, personal and professional growth, and the chance to shape a new industry, Tomorrow Bio wants you. You can help us achieve this and contribute to building a better future by checking out our Career Page on our website. See a position that interests you? Then go ahead and apply and help contribute to Tomorrow Bio and cryonics.

Tomorrow Bio allows people the opportunity to get closer to achieving biostasis and new scientific research. This relatively young industry has allowed Tomorrow Bio to work with a young and open-minded team on something meaningful. Not to mention the office international lunch on Fridays! 

The cryonics industry needs young, talented and creative minds to help grow and push cryonics and research into the mainstream, and drive technological change. Want to help make a difference in science, society, and technology? Even change the future? 

Then what are you waiting for?

Interested in Tomorrow Bio? You can follow us on Discord, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. We also produce videos on Youtube, so don’t forget to check it out and subscribe for more content on cryonics and Tomorrow Bio!

Tomorrow Bio is the worlds fastest growing human cryopreservation provider. Our all inclusive cryopreservation plans start at just 31€ per month. Learn more here.