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Discover Tomorrow Bio’s Berlin Team

Who are the people working hard at Tomorrow Bio and pushing cryonics forward?

The cryonics community is made of many different people with a few things in common: faith in technology and hope for the future. At Tomorrow Bio, we are a diverse group of people from all over the world. If you are interested in finding out more about the people behind this incredible project, take a look at this article and meet Tomorrow Bio’s Berlin Team!

The Founders

Every successful organization has people with a strong passion and personal motivation at its core. This statement is even more true with regard to the cryonics industry. This is indeed an industry fraught with difficulties. Not only is the public misled by various misconceptions on the subject, but there is also the fact that the market still doesn't exist. Few people are aware of the possibility of human cryopreservation and reaching them, in a world where we are constantly bombarded with information, is difficult. For these and many other reasons, people who want to advance the field of cryonics must be highly motivated. Fortunately, our two founders, Dr. Emil Kendziorra and Fernando Azevedo Pinheiro, possess the necessary motivation and passion.

Dr. Emil Kendziorra

Besides being co-founder and CEO of Tomorrow Bio, Dr. Emil Kendziorra is also President of the Board of the European Biostasis Foundation (EBF). This dual position provides a basis for contact and relations between the two entities. Tomorrow Bio is in charge of SST and member relations, EBF of long-term storage and biostasis research.

Dr. Emil Kendziorra graduated summa cum laude from the University of Göttingen and worked for several years in cancer research. He soon realized that longevity research was not progressing fast enough to give people a chance in life today. This didn't sit well with his desire not to die. For this reason, he decided to devote his heart and soul to the development of the cryonics industry, the ultimate life-extension technology. 

Emil is a typical entrepreneur who loves his work and is dedicated to it 24/7 (as is necessary, when leading an SST team). The first to arrive at the office and the last to leave, you can find him giving a speech at most cryonics conferences worldwide. Fun fact: he has two beloved cats but he hasn't signed them up for cryopreservation yet.

You can find more information about his life, career and motivation here.

Fernando Azevedo Pinheiro

Having decided he wanted to create Europe's first human cryopreservation startup, Dr. Emil Kendziorra set out to find a partner to help him in this mission. Soon after, he met Fernando Azevedo Pinheiro, our COO of Tomorrow Bio.

Allergic to 'normal education', Fernando started out as a civil engineer in Brazil. He then founded and led a successful startup (CarZar) that bought and resold used cars in Cape Town, South Africa. His decision to move to gray Berlin and join Dr. Kendziorra in the project of a lifetime came one evening as he sat in a hammock on a Brazilian island. With a beer in his hand watching the sunset he thought, "Life is wonderful and if there is a chance to extend it, for me and the rest of humanity, why not take it?".

Dr. Kenziorra is the boss who can name every cryoprotectant agent ever used in the history of modern medicine. Fernando takes care of business operations, marketing, and budget. Their work is complementary and guarantees a long-term dedication to the mission. 

To dive into the life of Tomorrow Bio COO, check out this article.

A picture of Emil and Fernando
If you want to know why it makes sense to sign up for cryonics, ask Emil. If you want to know why it is worth it, ask Fernando.

Berlin’s SST Team

As Tomorrow Bio offers a complete human cryopreservation service, it’s important that it has a Standby, Stabilization and Transportation (SST) team available at any time of day or night. This way, it can be dispatched to a member’s location and perform the cryopreservation procedure when needed. In addition, the team must be thoroughly trained and the equipment constantly improved.

Since Tomorrow Bio is still relatively in its infancy and (fortunately) there is not a constant need for the standby team, its members also occupy different positions within the organization. Aside from Dr. Emil Kendziorra, only a few people at Tomorrow Bio are full time members of the SST team. The rest of the team is also trained in cryopreservation first aid measures but not in the medical aspects such as perfusion with cryoprotectant agents and open-heart surgery.

What Tomorrow Bio Is Made Of

That said, the Tomorrow Bio team is built up of brilliant minds from all over the world (Austria, Italy, Chile, Vietnam, Ghana) who perform a number of necessary, non-medically related tasks. After all, for such a unique startup to function you need several departments such as marketing, sales, product, and engineering.

Marketing Department

The marketing team is Tomorrow Bio's largest department. Its mission is quite challenging: to reach as many people as possible, capture their attention, and inform them of the existence of cryonics. In a world where we are constantly bombarded by companies trying to get our attention, educating a society about a future technology seen by many as pure science fiction can be tricky. To achieve this goal, the marketing team is in charge of content creation. From articles in the online editorial Insight to videos on Tomorrow Bio's YouTube channel. 

Sales Department

Once interest in cryonics is aroused, it is up to the sales team to build a relationship with the potential customer. In addition, our sales department takes care of customer care, welcoming and introducing new members to Tomorrow Bio, long-term relations with them, newsletters, and outdoor applications. Whatever questions you have, ask the team and they will answer them in an effective and easy-going manner.

Product Department

In addition to these two departments, the product team deals with a number of projects with different objectives. For example, the construction of a website that is comprehensive, professional and at the same time user-friendly is one of the most recent tasks the product department has been dealing with. In addition, they often handle the various surveys and data analysis, which are useful for deepening the knowledge of the target group. This team is also in charge of testing and feedback on the Tomorrow Bio emergency app.

Engineering Department

Finally, the engineering team is in charge of improving the equipment. For instance, the team is dedicated to projects concerning the portable cryopreservation first aid kit, the perfusion systems, the cooling boxes, and much more. Initially, many of these projects were carried out in-house in Berlin. Since the opening of the long-term preservation facility in Rafz, Switzerland, this department has mostly relocated there.

A picture of most members of Tomorrow Bio's team
Tomorrow Bio’s team - May 2022


The Tomorrow Bio team has a mission: to make human cryopreservation accessible to everyone, whatever their financial situation. This way, we will all be able to decide how long to live. It's a demanding mission as it aims to change the status quo, transforming the perception of death from a tragedy to a possibility of a future life. 

To achieve this we need dedication, proactivity, creativity and love for life. If you too are interested in joining the team and working hard to achieve this mission, take a look at our careers page.

If you would rather have a chat about your wish to become a member of Tomorrow Bio, schedule a call with a member of our team. We are always at your disposal.

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