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Why Did Tomorrow Bio Choose Berlin?

Uncover the motivation behind Tomorrow Bio’s Berlin-based headquarters.

At Tomorrow Bio, we believe that all lives are important and cryonics provides individuals with the chance to potentially choose how long they get to enjoy their time. However, while the cryonics industry has been around for decades, most of the facilities around the world are located in the U.S. Luckily, that changed when Tomorrow Bio opened its doors. Tomorrow Bio is Europe’s first biotech company specializing in human cryopreservation. Our headquarters are in Berlin, Germany but we offer membership service to anyone based in Europe. In this article, we’ll go over a few interesting reasons why Tomorrow Bio chose Berlin.

Choosing the Location for Tomorrow Bio 

At the time of Tomorrow Bio’s inception in 2019 our founder and CEO, Dr. Emil Kendziorra was living in Berlin. This was one of the reasons for our current location. However, the innovative atmosphere and high support for startups and biotech in Berlin came together to present the perfect opportunity for Europe’s first cryonics company. Emil’s goal is to take a new approach to biostasis and work towards building a world where people can choose how long they want to live, regardless of where they are, who they are, and what financial resources they have available. Let’s explore a few of the reasons that Berlin is the perfect environment to work towards this objective.

The image above represents drive times of the standby team in Berlin. Each colored ring represents what the team can reach in an additional two hours 

Why Berlin?

Tomorrow Bio’s office is located in central Berlin, in a locality called Mitte. If you’ve never been to Berlin, one thing you should know is that it’s a very innovative city. Berlin is centered around promoting technological advancements and thrives on the knowledge and intensiveness of its residents. 

Berlin recently overtook London as the founders’ choice for starting a company. In fact, it’s the hub of innovation in Europe and one of the world’s hotspots for startup businesses. But what exactly makes Berlin so appealing? 

Well, the comparably low cost of living and high quality of life attracts a lot of talented individuals to create a network of diverse, creative entrepreneurs from all over the world. This allows companies to find the perfect team of individuals to work towards their goals. 

Additionally, Berlin receives a ton of investment capital. In 2021, Berlin (population of about 3.6 million people) received almost five billion dollars in investments alone. For some perspective, all of the countries throughout Latin America (population of about 666.5 million people) combined received nine billion dollars in the same year. Essentially, if you have a good idea and you want to secure funding, Berlin is one of the best environments to breed success. 

The innovative nature of Berlin closely resembles the innovation that Tomorrow Bio possesses as a company and we feel like it’s the perfect place to thrive. The diverse group of talented individuals and tight knit network of professionals optimizes networking opportunities and allows us to align our logistical capacity with our surroundings. Tomorrow Bio’s international team helps bring fresh new ideas and allows us to provide resources in all European languages. 

Berlin is also optimally located in regard to other European cities. It provides a good center point that allows our standby team to reach members quickly and efficiently. In addition to our internal Berlin based team, we also have a standby team in Amsterdam through a partner to extend coverage. Tomorrow Bio plans to add more teams in Europe in correlation with member growth, but Berlin remains to be a good localization point for our strategic plan of growth. 


At the end of the day, Tomorrow Bio chose Berlin because we have the same vibration for technology, diversity, and innovation that this city breeds. Important to remember that Berlin has the most venture capital in the entire country and, in the first half of 2021, about 240 startups raised €4.1 billion. As a hotspot for founders, it provides Tomorrow Bio with the opportunities to scale and continue our research efforts as we grow. Although we operate out of Germany, we accept members who are based in any city or country throughout Europe! So, if you had to choose, would you pick Berlin too? To stay up to date with Tomorrow Bio’s progress, and learn more about the cryonics industry, sign up for your newsletter today.

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