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Will I Become “Immortal” After Cryopreservation?

Discover what cryopreservation is, and isn't trying to achieve.

Immortality is a concept as old as history. It’s for a good reason that it is the focal point of so many science fiction stories. A common trait of the gods of antiquity, immortality has been depicted as the key ingredient differentiating deities from us humans. “Mortals” used as a belittling reference to humankind. Terms like “playing god” have therefore been utilized in discussions surrounding the concept of immortality ever since. It is a stage of existence many people do not believe should ever be possessed by humans.

Are cryopreservation procedures attempting to play god and make you immortal? Find out more about what biostasis is or isn’t trying to achieve in this article.

Two astronauts standing on Mars with a rocket next to them
Cryopreservation won’t fly you to Mars, but it might allow you to reach a future where it is commonplace to do so.

What cryopreservation is trying to achieve

Different people have varying reasons for why they choose to be cryopreserved and each of those motives are valid in their own regard. When it comes to Tomorrow Bio’s motivation, we have a clear stance on what we are trying to accomplish by providing this service:

Saving lives

Our primary goal is to save lives that would otherwise be doomed. Be it by so-called “natural causes” like death of old-age or tragic untimely deaths due to cancer or fatal accidents - Tomorrow Bio will do everything in their power to cryopreserve you in the best condition possible.

Our well-equipped and trained SST-Teams will provide you with high-quality cryoprotection, using state-of-the-art equipment and procedures, to increase your chances of future revival.

We consider cryopreservation a long-term, life-saving procedure similar to what CPR or surgery are doing in the short-term presently. The preservation of life is at the forefront of our mission.

Doctors performing CPR on a unconscious man
CPR was first used in the 20th century. Before that time a heart attack was considered 100% fatal.

A chance at an extended life

Do you sometimes feel like there aren’t enough hours in a day? That you didn’t find the time to do everything you wanted because time was ticking against your plans?  Perhaps you feel this way not just about a single day, but life overall. Some people just want to live longer. Tomorrow Bio believes there’s nothing wrong with that, and wants to give people the chance to decide how long they want to keep roaming this planet (or maybe others in the future). 

It doesn’t matter if your time has come at 20, 40, 60, 80, or even 100 years of age - the feeling that life has passed you by and you couldn’t do everything you wanted is one we are trying to combat. Future technology and medicine could grant you many more years you wouldn’t have been able to experience otherwise. Furthermore, medical progress has the potential to revitalize your cells and let you live this extra time in a rejuvenated body. 24 hours a day will feel a great deal less restrictive if time is on your side.

See the future with your own eyes

If the current world out there already has you feeling like there’s not enough time to see everything, think about how much more there would be to experience if the entire globe got a huge update. Regardless of your hobbies, there will certainly be a ton of new things to discover. Are you interested in tech and medicine? You’re in luck! There are decades, maybe centuries worth of new inventions to explore. Do you like to travel? Great! Even places you’ve visited in the past will not resemble their initial state anymore and maybe you’ll be able to take a trip to Mars? You simply like to indulge in all kinds of entertainment? Best of luck catching up with your back-catalog of newly released movies, series, video games etc. since your cryopreservation. 

If somehow none of this sounds interesting to you, we are sure you’ll be able to pick up a new hobby. Perhaps one that didn’t exist back in your time. If your cryopreservation turns out successful the future is free for you to explore.

What cryopreservation is NOT trying to achieve

Becoming “immortal”

Cryonics’ goal is not to create a world where death doesn’t exist but rather a world where people can choose how long they would like to live.

Biostasis is currently the only way to reach a potential future where a prolonged life is possible, but immortality is not part of that vision.

However, other types of future medicine might enable you to become “biologically immortal” and make dying of old age a thing of the past. Examples of possible solutions entail specialized stem-cell therapy through the use of nanotechnology that could create the exact cells we need and potentially erase cancer cells before they start causing any damage to your body. Simultaneously, nanotechnology is predicted by some to be able to stop the aging-process by reversing individual cells to a previous, healthier state of themselves.  

The state of biostasis currently possesses none such healing capabilities. It is used to stop all biological processes in the body and thereby prevent our cells from decaying further. Cryopreservation does not “heal” them.

Even if biological immortality is achieved in the future, you will, presumably, still be able to die of other causes not related to aging aka not be “immortal”. As long as “cybernetic immortality” or “virtual immortality” have not come to be, there are plenty of things that can still kill you

You can, for example, die by force in a (flying) car crash, suffocate while eating, or strolling around in outer space unprotected and or die in other, similarly fatal accidents. Cybernetic immortality, the substitution of your vital organs via technological body enhancements, could help alleviate these problems, yet still would not guarantee immortality. A next step humanity could take is “virtual immortality”, meaning you or your data being uploaded into the virtual cloud. Maybe we can even create backups of ourselves, depending on if that would still be “us” of course. And yet, it would still be highly unlikely that all of these breakthroughs combined would grant us true “immortality”. An exploding sun would easily erase each and every one of those fail-saves.

The sun at sunset
Not even the sun is immortal and is predicted to die in spectacular fashion in around 7-8 Billion years.


Khione, the immortal Greek goddess of ice is not affiliated with Tomorrow Bio. Afterall, cryopreservation is not simply the crude freezing of one's body, but an advanced medical procedure that results in vitrification. To our knowledge, no immortal being has claimed this form of preservation for themselves yet. Immortality could potentially be achievable in the future, yet this would be a mere side-effect of reaching that future through cryopreservation. Biostasis itself does not make you immortal.

If you still want to take a chance and find out if future technology has achieved the prospect of immortality , feel free to schedule a call with us to talk more about everything cryopreservation. We’d be happy to talk to you!

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