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Biostasis2021 Conference

Goals of Biostasis 2021 Conference, that will take place in October.

In Oct 2020 we organized the first conference in a new annual series, called Biostasis. The conference is hosted by the European Biostasis Foundation, a non-profit research foundation based in Basel, Switzerland. Last year’s conference, Biostasis2020 was hosted online due to Covid-restrictions but still a very successful conference with well known names in the Biostasis and cryopreservation space as speakers.

Biostasis2021 will take place in-person in Zurich, Switzerland. Take a look if you’re interested in joining.

Zurich, Switzerland, where the Conference will take place.

The goal of the conference is to

  • Provide a professional conference for the scientific community to come together and share findings
  • Help to better connect the US and EU (and worldwide) ecosystems
  • Bring local organizations and individuals interested in the topic together

The conference will give you a good overview of the cryopreservation and Biostasis space, not only from a research perspective but also to keep you up to date with what is going on. And of course, it's helpful to meet people in person and network over dinner and drinks. We’ll provide ample opportunity for that as well.

The conference will also host additional events such as tours to the EBF facility, workshops, training and group meetings to go deeper into topics and advance the sector. We will start with this part this year and then extend it even more in the years to come.

We have and will invite all organizations, providers, research foundations and companies, and people involved in active roles in the community to join us in Switzerland and present what they have been working on and what’s new. Of course, we will also give an update on what we do at EBF and Tomorrow Biostasis in Europe.

Biostasis2021 Conference

While we advise to be there in person for the most value, the conference will be streamed online as well so that everybody can join. The online-only tickets will be released in mid September.

One more time, we would like to invite you to join us!

Check out the announced speakers (even more to be announced) and the schedule.

Tickets are available now via Eventbrite.

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