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Tomorrow’s Welcome Box

What will you find inside your membership Welcome Box?

Our relationship with our members doesn’t end when they sign up – on the contrary - that’s just the beginning. We understand that signing up for cryopreservation requires a high level of trust, and we are very grateful to each of our members for choosing us to be their vehicle to the future.  This is what inspires us to provide them with the highest quality of customer service and show them how we value their preference through actions: our welcome box is only one of them, but surely a very special one.

Our welcome box does not only contain small specially curated pieces but also very important documents that ensure that the procedure will take place as smoothly as possible. Keep reading below to find out specifically what you can expect from your welcome box.

Inside Tomorrow Bio’s welcome box

  • Welcome letter signed by Dr. Emil Kendziorra, one of the founders of Tomorrow Bio.
  • Your member card with your unique id code – this number acts as a personal identification number for each of our members.
  • Your member bracelet – a black adjustable bracelet with a metallic plaque with your body donor condition and Tomorrow Bio’s contact information in case of an emergency.
  • 4 emergency cards – each card contains an explanation of your wishes to be cryopreserved and specific instructions to proceed in case of emergency. It also contains Tomorrow Bio’s contact information. You should give your emergency cards to people who are close to you.
  • Patient Advance Directive (PAD) template – We recommend that you create a PAD based on the templates provided, because in some cases it can help us be more quickly notified in the event of an unexpected death. If you are admitted to a hospital incapacitated, doctors will usually ask for a Patient Advance Directive. We recommend that you give a copy to your doctor and/or put it somewhere easily accessible and tell your loved ones how to access it so that they can give it to the doctor in the event that you are incapacitated.
  • Last Will template – We recommend that you create a hand-written or notarized last will based on the templates provided. This ensures that we can carry out a cryopreservation even if there are legal challenges by people who do not want the patient to be cryopreserved. In most cases of cryopreservation there are no legal challenges, but a Last Will adds extra security in case it's necessary. 
  • Emergency instructions document – an in depth explanation of how to fill out the PAD and Last Will documents, apart from recommendations to ensure your cryopreservation is done as smoothly as possible.
  • Tomorrow notepad – just a small blue notepad to keep your important thoughts in hand.

Tomorrow Bio's welcome box for new members
Our gift to you, our Tomorrow Bio members


Signing up with Tomorrow Bio is a great commitment. Our members trust their futures with us, and we want to provide them with the highest customer service and care because they matter to us. This welcome box is just a token of our immense gratitude. We want to ensure that, when the time comes, you will receive the highest quality cryopreservation possible. That’s why you chose Tomorrow Bio, right?

Want to engage with us and the cryonics community? Join us on our Discord server The Biostasis Hub! We’re always excited to meet people enthusiastic about cryonics and cryopreservation!

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