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Meet the Founders

Dr. Emil Kendziorra

Dr. Emil Kendziorra graduated summa cum laude from the University of Göttingen and did several years of cancer research in the hopes of contributing to longevity science. After realizing how slowly life-extension research was progressing he made a pivot into entrepreneurship. Emil was signed up at Alcor for several years, but realized that there was a need for a cryopreservation organization based in Europe and for more advancement in the field. After founding and selling two companies, Emil has decided to dedicate the next decades of this life to advancing medical Biostasis and cryomedicine. He has no intention of ever starting another company, and considers Tomorrow his life's work.

Fernando Azevedo Pinheiro

Fernando Azevedo Pinheiro graduated from the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Brazil in Civil and Industrial Engineering and started his career as a Planning Engineer. After realizing that Civil Engineering wasn't for him, he joined Rocket Internet in their LATAM HQ in São Paulo, where he held managerial and C-Level positions (CEO and COO) within their portfolio companies. He then co-founded 2 digital companies. After several years working with tech companies, Fernando wanted a project that could have a much higher impact on humankind. He met Emil and decided to join him as co-founder of Tomorrow Bio. Fernando joined this project for the long haul to help build a world where people can choose how long they want to live.
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Meet the Team

Dr. Irishikesh Santhosh

Standby Surgery & Medical Research

Fiorella Soriano Alvarez


Thomas Smolak

Medical Engineering



Cavalcante Lima


Di Lorenzo


Volodymyr Yurchenko

Video Production

Leon Reimann

Business Development

Aikaterini Papoulia


Sako Jola


Mohammad Sulaiman Tanbari

Software Engineering

Rebecca Ziegler

Product Management & Standby Perfusion

Robert Zimmermann

Research & Neuroscience
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Kahina Aneb

Customer Care

Ywe Jens Veenstra