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Life in the Future According to 5 Famous Movies

Check out the plot of some famous movies that depict life in the future.

What will life in the future look like? Will it be filled with flying cars and intergalactic space travel? How will the cryonics industry have evolved? Will revival from cryopreservation be the norm? Will hunger and poverty be eliminated? We really don’t know what to expect, but our imaginations create some entertaining ideas. The endless possibilities about the future make it one of Hollywood’s favorite topics. Let’s dive into some of the most notable predictions of life in the future according to some famous blockbuster hits.

A person opening Netflix to watch a movie about life in the future
Many movies about life in the future are available on popular streaming services, like Netflix

5 Famous Movies That Predict the Future

Most of the movies predicting life in the future tend to have a dystopian aura. They focus on some degree of inevitable doom. However, there are also some pretty cool pieces of technology that are introduced. At Tomorrow Bio, we especially love the movies about cryonics

Whether the movie is set on an alien world, within the Metaverse, or throughout the streets of planet Earth, the plots allow our imagination to take over and run wild. Consider the differences (and similarities) between the following five movies that predict the future.

1. Avatar

The popular 2009 film Avatar takes place on a vibrant alien world called Pandora. Here, the local beings are a species called the Na’vi and the environment is poisonous to human life forms. To navigate the terrain, humans need to use avatars, which can be intrinsically wired to their minds. Although Pandora has a mineral that Earth needs to survive, not all humans have the same motive behind their actions. 

The story is set in 2154 and there’s an abundance of future technology used to complete the plot. One of the most notable is the device that connects human DNA with the alien DNA of the Na’vi. Cryogenic sleep is also featured as a method for intergalactic travel between Earth and Pandora (which is a whopping 4.37 light-years apart).   

2. Black Panther 

As an integral part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Panther shows a glimpse into a more utopian future. It’s set in the vibrant African city of Wakanda, where inhabitants discovered something called vibranium years before the rest of the world. This allows them to advance technologically 20 to 25 years into the future (figuratively speaking). It gives us a glimpse as to what life in the future could be as technology continues to develop. 

Some of the technology that’s shown throughout the film include flying cars, holographic displays, and some pretty unique armor. In fact, one of the uniforms in the film works according to the law of conservation of energy—energy is neither created nor destroyed (a pretty cool concept). Black Panther even hints at the use of nanotechnology.

3. Idiocracy

A satirical prediction about life in the future can be seen in the 2005 movie, Idiocracy. The plot follows a man who was randomly selected to be a part of a secret military experiment that goes horribly wrong. While he was only supposed to be in hibernation for one year, he finds himself awake in the year 2505. This movie revolves around cryogenic-like induced sleep, long-term cryopreservation, and eventually, successful revival. 

However, when the main character wakes up, he finds that humanity has actually taken a few steps backward. The movie essentially predicts the regression of humanity, where the average IQ has decreased dramatically due to the increasing reliance on available technology. 

4. The Matrix 

The Matrix takes place in a post-apocalyptic world and a truly dystopian society. The timeline is meant to occur around the year 2199. Within the basic premise, the viewer comes to realize that humanity is essentially trapped inside a simulated version of reality that mirrors life in 1999. 

This premise and the depiction of life in a stimulation has a lot of similarities to life in the Metaverse. However, The Matrix focuses on the negative viewpoints where AI and virtual reality enslave the human race. As a whole, many people view this movie franchise as a warning to the dangers (and some of the benefits) of technology in the future. 

5. Interstellar 

How could this list be complete without one of the most infamous movies in the last few decades? Interstellar is a movie that digests the potential catastrophic effects of unaddressed climate damage. Throughout the course of the movie, astronauts have to travel through space in an effort to locate another potentially habitable world. At the same time, they’re trying to rescue astronauts from a previously failed mission before the clock runs out. 

As they continue to get further away from home, mere minutes represent the passage of years on Earth. However, thanks to wormholes, time travel technology, cryosleep and more, the astronauts themselves don’t age and instead, are preserved in real time. Although life in the future is predicted in a dystopian manner, the technology used throughout the film introduces exciting opportunities.


We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but there are some pretty cool theories set forth by the film industry. It’s worth noting that many movies depicting life in the future tend to portray a dystopian society. Oftentimes, doing so makes for far more interesting content. In fact, even the movies with a more utopian viewpoint usually bring in some drama to spice up the plot. But that doesn’t mean that’s how things will turn out. In reality, we may actually find ourselves with sustainable superabundance in the future.. 

One thing that many futuristic movies have in common is their reference to the cryonics industry. It’s a popular topic that’s included in famous movies set in various timelines. The exciting thing is that advancements in technology could make it a real possibility and cryopreservation is already available! So, are you interested in potentially seeing what the future holds for yourself? If so, sign up today!

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