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What Kind of People Do You Need in a Cryonics Company?

A company is nothing without a strong team. Who do we need in cryonics?

A company is only as good as the people who work to bring its vision to life. The same is true for cryonics aka biostasis companies. 

Compared to other branches within the biomedical industry, cryonics is relatively new. The technologies associated with cryopreservation have yet to become mainstream, though it’s our hope that this will be the case. Additionally, the industry tends to be associated with science fiction, mainly due to the portrayal of human cryopreservation in media such as comics and video games. As a result, sometimes people have misconceptions or no idea as to what this science is all about. 

Nevertheless, the sector still attracts the brightest and most creative minds. But what kind of people does a cryonics company need to succeed? 

Tomorrow Bio

At Tomorrow Bio, our mission is to provide high-quality cryopreservation services and raise awareness about cryonics through informative content. To achieve this, we need creative, professional, and innovative individuals on our team. This allows us to bring together different perspectives and skills to contribute to building a better future and shaping the biostasis industry. So, what qualities are key for our team?


The mission of Tomorrow Bio is a challenge. Raising awareness about this service requires an open mind and a progressive attitude to tackle such a task. After all, such a sector is challenging conventional ideas about life and death. Every day, our team works diligently to produce informative content about our services and human cryopreservation. It can be difficult trying to bring this medical procedure into the mainstream. Just ask our multimedia producer Luiza Horowicz.

“I think it is a creative challenge to communicate the values of something so innovative as life extension. That’s why I got excited about working at Tomorrow Bio!”

Having an open mind and a forward-thinking attitude is essential to Tomorrow Bio, indeed any cryonics company. We need individuals with this quality if biostasis is to continue to evolve as an industry. 


A diverse team provides diverse perspectives. Looking at Tomorrow Bio, our international team has a wide range of different backgrounds. We have members from across the globe from India, Italy, Ghana, and as far as Chile, Brazil, and the United States. Yet, it’s not only where we are from, but also our different backgrounds. For example, on our marketing team, we have individuals with backgrounds in marketing and communications like our In-House Editor Alessandra Gorla, and content creator Philip Geiblinger, but the author of this article (that would be moi) has a background in archaeology and heritage studies! 

Our diverse backgrounds allow our team to have unique perspectives about cryonics, facilitating new ways of thinking and working to make human cryopreservation accessible to everyone. If our team, or any biostasis provider, wants to facilitate growth and development, diverse perspectives help. Without diverse individuals, any organization becomes stale, rigid, and unable to adapt to new challenges and opportunities. For Tomorrow Bio, our diversity is one of our greatest assets.


An additional asset essential to any cryonics organization is extraordinary individuals. Our industry is unconventional, requiring a different perspective and mindset. Naturally, this will attract quirky and unique individuals who can offer a new perspective on the industry. We need minds like this to bring different ideas to the table when discussing human cryopreservation, but also to enrich company culture. 

At Tomorrow Bio, we work hard but also have fun, whether having unique lunches from one team member’s home country on Fridays or enjoying a pint together to celebrate our monthly team goals. As Alessandra remarks:

“When you work here, you are surrounded by people who truly believe in what they do. They put their heart and soul into it. All this motivation makes you want to give your all and grow with this startup. And on top of all that, we have fun.”

A cryonics company that values unique individuals and personalities is critical for fostering a fresh perspective. If biostasis is to grow as an industry, it needs these kinds of people who can try new ideas, challenge old assumptions, and, importantly, have fun while doing so. 

Why Work For A Cryonics Company?

So, now that we know what kind of people the human cryopreservation industry needs, it needs to be asked, “Why should someone work for a cryonics company?” Let’s look at why our team members decided to work at Tomorrow Bio.

Tomorrow Bio’s Team

Tomorrow Bio’s team is made up of highly talented and diverse people. But what attracted them to work for us in the first place?

For some members of our team like medical engineer Thomas Smolak, this subject was something that always intrigued him. 

“I have always been fascinated by topics like these, including cryonics since my childhood. So, when it turned out to be a choice of work, it immediately became a priority. Things everybody else does and the normal stuff are just too boring for me. I need frontier work, questions which are not yet answered, and benefit from a broader perspective.”

For others, they hadn’t even heard of or considered cryonics as a potential industry to work for until they found Tomorrow Bio. Kenneth Anku in product management and Javiera Rubio in sales both knew little about human cryopreservation prior to joining our team. For Kenneth, he remarks that: 

“Up until I joined Tomorrow I had little knowledge of cryonics. I was sold by the vision of tomorrow and I wanted to be a part of something awesome.” 

Javiera didn’t consider the industry until she started researching more about the topic. Very quickly, it grabbed her attention.

“Coming from South America it’s impossible to hear about these kinds of technological innovations in a random conversation so I thought, why not try something absolutely different from what I’m used to.”

I was in the same camp as Kenneth and Javeria. I had personally never heard about human cryopreservation, let alone knew there was an industry specializing in such a technology. Once I read up on the subject, I was curious and decided why not take a chance.

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Tomorrow Bio may be a young start-up, but it has the drive and determination to succeed and provide an important service in Germany as well as the rest of Europe. The company is led by a  young and diverse team working to share our knowledge and our perspectives about human cryopreservation with the world. These are the qualities that we look for in our team. If a cryonics company wants to succeed, it needs progressive, unique, and diverse people. 

So, do you think you have what it takes to work in human cryopreservation? Consider checking out Tomorrow Bio’s career page where you can see what it takes to be a member of our team. Want to learn more about our team? Check out our articles on Tomorrow Insight where we talk about our team, biostasis, and all things in between. 

See you tomorrow!

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