Why You Should Sign Up for Biostasis NOW (Instead of Later)

Why wait? Why not sign up right now? A guide on how not to cryocrastinate.

You know that cryopreservation is something that you're interested in, or even something that you definitely want to do. So then the question begs to be asked: Why wait? Why not sign up right now?

While it’s true there are a good amount of people who haven't been able to learn enough information about the topic yet, you’re different. You've been able to read about cryopreservation and think the idea sounds good to you. You can’t put your finger on it, but there seems to always be something getting in the way of you signing up. If this is the case, then you may be what we know as a “Cryocrastinator”.  You have the clear intent to be cryopreserved, but you just haven't gotten around to starting a plan. This is very common unfortunately. Signing up for cryopreservation is a topical “important - but not urgent” - topic.

Many people, especially when it comes to planning for postmortem situations, would rather procrastinate and save the subject for later . It’s an innate thing we do as humans where we say,  “I still have so much time and this won't affect my life now so I’ll just wait.”

We’ve highlighted why it makes sense to sign up now for cryopreservation today.

Don't cryocrastinate, sign up to biostasis now.

Disease and Accidents

One of the reasons people (especially young people) postpone signing up for cryopreservation is because there is no real feeling of urgency, they almost feel invincible. Think about it.  You’ve just run a marathon , or maybe you’ve been sticking to your new diet really well and you feel great! What do you have to worry about? You have your whole life ahead of you and you can easily sign up later.

That's the problem. While the hope is that everyone gets to live full lives (around 85 years old) , that is unfortunately not always the case. Everyday young and perfectly healthy people die from diseases,  illnesses, and also accidents.

Car accident.

Even the healthiest people fall victim to heart disease, cancer, and other types of incurable diseases. Take for example the story of basketball star Hank Gathers, who, because of a heart condition, tragically died in the middle of a game at the age of 23.

Or the example of Naya Rivera. A prominent American actress who, while vacationing with her young son, was caught in a strong lake current and drowned when she was 33.  

Even though there is a low probability that if you are young you will succumb to sudden cardiac arrest, or tomorrow be diagnosed with an incurable disease, if one of these events were to occur the outcome would mean losing literally everything: your life. This is arguably made worse by the fact that you already decided for cryopreservation in principle.

Signing-up later may affect your ability to be insured

On one hand, as discussed above there are diseases and illnesses that lead to death nearly immediately, giving someone no time to sign up for a cryopreservation plan as a last minute effort before dying. On the other hand, you could also be diagnosed with a serious and chronic illness that may not cause your death for years but makes you ineligible for funding your cryopreservation plan via term life insurance.

Tomorrow (and almost all other providers) works with insurance partners to provide the funding for your Biostasis contract and almost everyone uses this method of funding. But these insurance partners only accept people who do not have serious medical issues. This means that if you are healthy today you will generally be able to sign up for a cryopreservation plan at a very affordable monthly rate. Should you  develop a disease or condition after signing up, you're still covered.

BUT if you are suddenly afflicted by something before you get a chance to sign up, the price of the insurance will increase significantly or you won't be able to be insured anymore at all.

Signing up today vs later practically costs the same

For a cryopreservation plan, the earlier you sign up the less expensive your plan will be. In the long run, you pay very little extra if you sign up early, but get a significant amount of more coverage time.

As you get older it becomes more costly to be insured, in fact, with all insurance models, one of the biggest factors that affects the cost is your age. So if your logic is “I'm 30 and healthy, and I’m fairly certain I'll still be healthy and alive 20 years from now therefore, I’ll sign up when I'm 50.” you should consider this:

Even though you could still be healthy and alive at 50 the monthly cost to insure you will rise by an increasing percentage every year. Where you could have been eligible for a plan that could cost you 30 EUR a month, by waiting to do it when you are 50 you will need a much more expensive plan. In fact, if you wanted to be covered until 75 the lifetime cost of your plan would go up around less than 1% if you were to be insured at age 30 instead of 50 (all else equal of course).  You get 20 more years of coverage for almost no extra money.  This is one of the strongest arguments why signing up now makes a lot of sense. Financially speaking, the best time to buy is now.

Signing up now and later costs practically the same.

You’ll Have Peace of Mind

A reason people get term life insurance is because it provides a feeling that "you're protected". Most are fairly certain that they will not die before the age of 65, or even 75. However they get life insurance because the lifetime cost is nothing when they consider the fact that if they were to suddenly pass away their loved ones would be taken care of.

This same concept applies to cryopreservation. Signing up gives you a certain “peace of mind”.  Maybe you're putting it off because you don't want to  think about matters related to death at the moment. But putting it off doesn't change anything. In fact doing something about it might ease your mind. It would also give you hope that you have the possibility of living in the future.If you're 30 and healthy you can sign up for an affordable plan that will last you until 75. That’s 45 years that are “safe” in case you suddenly die. For the time after 75, you can extend the life insurance plan, there are saving options available etc - but this is a topic for another day. Our plans are intentionally priced so that everyone can have the safeguard of cryopreservation.

Peace of mind.

What now?

At the end of the day life is unpredictable. Unfortunately, no one knows if they will be diagnosed with a serious disease tomorrow. Most people enjoy the lives that they are living and love life itself, but a big part of life is that nothing can be expected or guaranteed. We want to change this and give people an affordable way to know that they have the possibility to extend their lives in the event that it would be cut short by an unpredictable event.

There are two options we would recommend: sign up now or set up a call with us if you need more information or have any questions. This should make it even easier to get you to finally get that cryopreservation plan you’ve been putting off :).

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