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5 Good Reasons to Sign Up For Cryopreservation Now

Beat your cryocrastination with facts and logic!

Are you considering signing up for cryopreservation with Tomorrow Bio, but you don’t see a reason to do it while you are young and healthy? Are you letting cryocrastination get the better of you, delaying your sign up again and again? Maybe you just want more information about cryonics aka biostasis, and don’t feel ready to make a decision just yet? Rest assured, we don’t want you to make such an important decision on a whim or without sufficient information. That is also the reason why we want you to know why NOW is the best time to sign up for cryopreservation.

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5 Good Reasons to Sign Up Now

Reason 1 - Be insured for longer, for less money

A common misconception surrounding the sign-up for biostasis is that you can save money by signing up later. In many cases this isn’t true. We recommend funding cryopreservation through external insurance companies. Term life insurance is an inexpensive way of getting long-term coverage, but falls in value the longer you wait. This is due to the way the price is calculated:

The healthier you are, the cheaper your term life insurance. Let’s illustrate it with an example: 

  • A young person in their late-teens with a healthy medical record might get term life insurance starting at around 20 euros per month, due to their low likelihood of death within the insured timeframe.
  •  18 years old
  • €20 insurance + €25 membership = 45€ per month
  • 40 years of insurance coverage  = €21.600

  • A person in their mid-forties with a healthy medical record can expect to get an insurance deal for 65 euros per month, for the same payout of €200.000 in case of death.
  • 45 years old
  • €65 insurance + €25 membership = 90€ per month
  • 20 years of insurance coverage = €21.600

As you can see, it’s not likely that you’ll save any money by waiting to sign up. Signing up young means getting decades more coverage for the same total price. And the above example doesn’t even consider future health problems.. Any medical problems that you have before you sign up for insurance can drastically increase the price or make you completely uninsurable.  The insurance fee does not increase once your plan is set up, regardless of your future medical problems. If you want to get the best insurance deal, you need to sign up while you’re still healthy. So if you’ve already decided that cryopreservation is for you: Don’t cryocrastinate!

Reason 2 - Too many dumb ways to die

Without painting the devil on the wall - fact is: You could have an accident, or be diagnosed with a terminal illness any day. Statistically, this is highly unlikely, so no need to be anxious. A long and healthy life is more likely than ever before in the history of mankind. However, if you had the opportunity to obtain protection from these situations, wouldn’t you take it? Cryopreservation is a unique chance of extending life. We at Tomorrow Bio value every life the same, and want everyone to benefit from that chance. But the only way to make this happen is if people are signed up before it’s too late.

Signing up now is the only way to be prepared for the worst case.

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Still unsure about your sign-up? Read on for more reasons why you should sign up now.

Reason 3 - Have a peace of mind

Cryocrastination, just like its big sister, procrastination, takes up valuable space in your brain. It’s important to us that our members make up their mind if cryopreservation is something they want to do. We want you to make an educated decision. For that reason we have provided a lot of content from videos and webinars to articles like these to make gathering information as easy as possible. But don't worry, understanding every detail about CPAs and perfusion systems is purely optional. Ultimately, dwelling on signing up for too long will only lead to headaches and possibly missed opportunities.

We all know these tasks that constantly make us go “Eh, I’ll do it tomorrow.” Cleaning? Tomorrow. Going to the gym? Tomorrow. Signing up for cryopreservation? Tomorrow Bio (pun intended).

Once you’ve signed up and your funding method is set, you can free your brain and go about your day with peace of mind. Knowing that no matter what happens next, your cryopreservation is good to go.

Reason 4 - Engage your loved ones into the topic

Simply talking about the concept of cryopreservation at the dinner table from time to time won’t make your family and friends consider it for themselves. By signing up and telling your loved ones about it, they might give cryopreservation a considerate thought because they see you are being serious. If you want them to join you for a possible future revival and save their lives, share your knowledge with them, explain your motivation and make it very clear that you are informed about your decision. This makes it more likely that they’ll take the same step as you to possibly wake up in the future together.

Reason 5 - Be a pioneer 

The more people sign up, the better, and more affordable, cryopreservation will become in the future. By being one of the first, you help us make our vision a reality and boost your own chances of getting the best possible cryopreservation after your legal death. This includes lower costs through economy of scale, more standby teams, improved procedures and much more. By signing up with Tomorrow Bio, you are helping us fund research that has the potential to change the world for the better. 

In the name of Tomorrow Bio, and everyone potentially profiting from this contribution in the future: Thank you.


We hope you see why signing up now is the best course of action, if you already plan on getting cryopreserved in the future. By signing up early you are saving money, nerves, and yourself from regret. Additionally, you have a better chance of convincing your loved ones to join you on your journey, and be amongst the first humans to attempt this grand step towards the future.

If you’ve been taking this article to heart, gladly schedule a call with us to talk about more details surrounding cryopreservation. Or be even more direct and sign up now.

Tomorrow Bio is the worlds fastest growing human cryopreservation provider. Our all inclusive cryopreservation plans start at just 31€ per month. Learn more here.