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Why You Should Become a Tomorrow Fellow

Uncover some of the benefits of becoming a Tomorrow Fellow below.

Thanks to pop culture and new research in the cryonics industry, cryopreservation has been gaining a lot of traction in today’s society. Perhaps you’ve recently watched a movie involving cryonics and it sparked your interest, or maybe you’ve been following the research for years and are curious about taking the next step. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Tomorrow Bio specializes in human cryopreservation and is committed to conducting research to further the field of biostasis. We understand that everyone is in a different place in their lives, which is why we’ve created the Tomorrow Fellow program. If you’re interested in the cryonics industry but are hesitant to sign up, you can still dip your toes in the water. By becoming a Tomorrow Fellow for as little as €5 a month, you’ll contribute to funding cryopreservation research and save up for your own cryopreservation in the future! So, what exactly is a Tomorrow Fellow? Let’s find out. 

What is a Tomorrow Fellow?

A Tomorrow Fellow is someone who isn’t quite ready to sign up for cryopreservation, but still wants to support the scientific advancement of the biostasis field. Maybe you’re a student working on your education full-time and can’t afford the full sign up right now. Maybe you’ve recently had a major life event and don’t have expendable funds. Or, maybe you’re struggling with a bit of cryocrastination and still need some time to mull things over. Whatever the reason may be, you can still prepare yourself for the future and help advance the field of biostasis with as little as €5 per month! By becoming a Tomorrow Fellow, you’ll support research and begin saving up for your own cryopreservation. If you’re curious about biostasis, the cryonics industry, or innovative research, but aren’t able to make the financial commitment right now, our Tomorrow Fellow program is the perfect option for you. Let’s explore the two major impacts of your contribution to find out more. 

Supporting Research 

Tomorrow Bio has several research and development (R&D) initiatives that your monthly contributions help advance. First, we’re continually assessing what we can do today to improve the quality of cryopreservation that might happen tomorrow. We also determine what R&D projects we can start now, or soon, to fundamentally advance the field of biostasis in the long-term. Using an innovative approach to cryonics, we strive to produce substantial improvements in the short and mid-term to spark further advancements within the field. 

As a Tomorrow Fellow, your contributions would provide funding for cryopreservation research projects. There are three distinct ways your contribution helps: 

1. Custom Equipment Development

Much of the equipment that’s necessary for cryoprotection needs to be custom made in-house. Some of which includes cryoprotectant perfusion circuits, a cool down box that lowers temperature while a patient is being transported by plane, and ambulance equipment for cryoprotection. Funding from the Tomorrow Fellow program allows our team to experiment with innovative designs that can help improve the speed and quality of current cryoprotection procedures being used. 

2. Optimizing CPAs

Cryoprotectant agents (CPAs) are perfused throughout the body in order to prevent the formation of ice crystals at sub zero temperatures. This makes them an essential part of cryopreservation. The better the chemical makeup and quality of the cryoprotectants, the higher the quality of cryopreservation can be achieved. Optimizing the cryoprotectants can lead to a decrease in toxicity or better prevent the formation of ice crystals. Funding from our Tomorrow Fellows can help us further develop effective CPAs and new CPA mixtures that could be less toxic for revival. 

3. Better Long-Term Storage

Patients who have been cryopreserved are currently stored in a cryogenic storage dewar. While these are sufficient for long-term storage, intermediate temperature storage (ITS) dewars would allow for less thermal stress and fracturing. Tomorrow Bio, in conjunction with other biostasis labs, is working on developing the first human-sized ITS system. Funding from the Tomorrow Fellow program helps make this research and development possible.   

Becoming a Tomorrow Fellow can help you save money for your own cryopreservation

Saving Up For Cryopreservation 

Another way your Tomorrow Fellow contribution is used is to help you save up for your own cryopreservation. For every €5 you give as a Tomorrow Fellow, you’ll get €6 off of your future membership. That’s right. After you become a full member, everything you paid plus a 20% bonus will be deducted from your membership fees. This makes the Tomorrow Fellow program a great option for individuals who want to sign up, but might not have the resources available to do so yet. It’s also a great choice for people who are in the process of learning about cryonics but still want to contribute funding to research and development. 

When you sign up for our Tomorrow Fellow program, you’ll also receive the following: 

  • One free Tomorrow Bio T-shirt 
  • Invitations to our members-only events and newsletter
  • Regular research reports to stay updated on the latest research developments and how your contributions are being used

Every contribution made through our Tomorrow Fellow program makes a difference! Our medical and engineering teams are happy to put your funding to good use.


The cryonics industry is still growing and additional funding can help advance research and development. Your contribution helps make this all possible. The Tomorrow Fellow program allows for further research in perfusion and cryoprotection procedures, cooling technology, CPAs, long-term storage methods, and more. If you’re still cryocrastinating, this is a great way for you to get started while you make plans for your membership. You can also sign up as a full member using funding through term life insurance, making your investment in cryopreservation more affordable than a monthly coffee habit! To learn more about our program or cryopreservation in general, schedule a call with us today.

Tomorrow Bio is the worlds fastest growing human cryopreservation provider. Our all inclusive cryopreservation plans start at just 31€ per month. Learn more here.