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Biostasis2022 Conference | Agenda

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Since human cryopreservation is still a rather niche field, there are few international events where experts in the field come together and share their latest experiences and discoveries. Biostasis2022 Conference is one of them. This year marks the third time that the conference, organized by the European Biostasis Foundation (EBF) with the help of Tomorrow Bio, will take place. The conference will take place from Oct. 21-23 at a much-anticipated location: the EBF's long-term storage facility and biostasis research lab in Rafz, Switzerland. The facility was completed just a few months ago and is finally ready to welcome Tomorrow Bio members. A gathering, sharing and networking event for all people who have devoted their lives to the advancement of cryonics, this year's conference has several surprises in store.

How Can I Participate?

If you haven't reserved your ticket yet, now is the time to do so! You have a choice  between three options: 

  • On-site ticket: By selecting this option, you have the opportunity to attend all three days of the conference in person. You’ll be able to listen to expert presentations, participate in workshops, tour the long-term storage facility, and network during various breaks, dinners and even a final BBQ. On-site tickets are limited.
  • Online ticket: In case you are unable to travel to Switzerland this October, you can still attend the conference online. By selecting this option, you will be able to attend the experts' presentations on Saturday, October 22, live streamed on Youtube. Online attendance is free.
  • Online Ticket with Research Donation: Should you want to make a contribution to biostasis research but are unable to attend the event personally, you can choose this third option. Every contribution is important for the development of the cryonics field.

Get your tickets here.

Conference Agenda

The Biostasis2022 conference has three cryonics-filled days scheduled. Workshops, presentations, dinners, you name it. Want to learn more about what to expect at this event? Here is the day-by-day program.

image of biostasis conference agenda
Biostasis2022 Conference - Agenda

Day 1 - October 21st

The first day of the conference, dedicated only to people actively involved in the space, begins at 2:30 PM (CET) Friday, Oct. 21. We recommend that you get to EBF’s long-term storage by 1pm so that you have plenty of time to register before the workshops begin. 

As mentioned above, the conference will take place in Rafz, Switzerland. If you are traveling in from Zurich International Airport, you can reach Rafz via public transport in 30-40 minutes or 20 minutes by taxi. If you are traveling to the conference by train you should make your destination Rafz Bahnhof. This puts you within a 5 minutes walk of the conference location.

The first workshop starts at 2:30pm, so don't be late! The day will include a total of 3 workshops and in-depth discussions. Some of the topics addressed will be SST capabilities and European collaborations. You will have a chance to connect, discuss, and share the most important knowledge and techniques with experts in the field in an intimate setting. Please be advised that the workshops won’t be live streamed.

Day 2 - October 22nd

Saturday, October 22th is the day we have all been waiting for! We invite guests to join us by 9:00 am (CET), and for online viewers, please connect at 9.30 am (CET) - that is when the first presentation will begin. 

The day will consist of talks from renowned speakers. You will have the opportunity to meet with more than 10 leading experts in the field of human cryopreservation: Max More, Roman Bauer, Aschwin Dewolf, Ramon Risco, Peter Tsolakides and many more. Their presentations will be divided into 4 sessions. There will be much to uncover and many questions to ask, but don't worry. In between sessions we will give you time to chat, refresh and relax.

In the evening, all conference guests are invited to join us for dinner at the EBF facility.

Day 3 - October 23rd

Finally, Sunday October 23, is entirely dedicated to networking. EBF will host an open house event at their facility. Everyone is welcome to join in person, even if they did not purchase an on-site ticket (this segment will not be live streamed). Speakers, attenders, neighbors and any member of the public who wishes to come by is welcome!

We invite you to reach the facility around 11:00 am (CET). Come with an empty stomach: a BBQ (with vegan options) awaits our guests. On top of all that, you'll be able to tour the facility and see for yourself our labs and cryogenic storage dewars. The event will end around 3:00 pm (CET).

picture of BF long-term storage facility
It’s finally time to see EBF's finalized long-term storage facility in person!


Now you know, more or less, what to expect at the Biostasis2022 Conference. Three days together with leading experts on cryonics will allow you to educate yourself on the topic and exchange ideas and opinions. There will be plenty of time to chat, network, and have a good meal in the picturesque atmosphere of Switzerland.

So, do you have your ticket yet? We look forward to seeing you at the conference. Haven't made up your mind yet? Best be quick, in-person tickets are almost sold out.

For more information about the conference, check out the Biostasis2022 website.

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