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Gift a Cryopreservation to a Loved One

A present that could save their lives.

What is the best gift for the people we love? How can we show our closest family members and friends how much we care about them and how much we value having them in our lives?

This year, you have the option of giving them something truly unique: a cryopreservation plan with Tomorrow Bio. If and when revival technology is developed, you and your loved ones could live extended lives in the future. With this somewhat unusual present, you could not only potentially save their lives someday but also give them the opportunity to experience the world of tomorrow. 

If you wish you could wake up in the future with your loved ones, perhaps this Christmas you’ve found the right gift.

Why Gift a Cryopreservation?

Nowadays, few people are aware of the possibilities of cryonics aka human cryopreservation. For many, it’s little more than a sci-fi movie gimmick rather than something possible in real life. Yet, this technology has been around for more than 50 years (with several improvements over time), and several thousand people worldwide have signed up for the service.

Through this innovative medical technology, we are able to pause a person's biological activity and cellular degradation after their legal death. This way, we give them a chance to be treated in the future. If and when revival is possible, Tomorrow Bio’s cryopreserved patients could be cured of their causes of death, rejuvenated, and woken up, ready to discover the world of the future. 

By subscribing a loved one to a cryopreservation plan, you give them a chance at extended life in the future. Of course, nobody knows if and when cryonics is going to work. However, this procedure remains for now the only alternative to permanent death. 

Now, you can gift this opportunity. If the necessary medical technology is developed, you and your loved ones will be able to experience the world of tomorrow–side by side.

What Can You Gift?

If you are a member of Tomorrow Bio or someone who has been interested in cryonics for some time, you should know that the procedure only takes place after a person’s legal death. For this reason, what you can give your family or friends is a subscription to one of our plans. Find out below the two options you can choose from.

Whole-Body Cryopreservation

As the name suggests, whole-body cryopreservation means that the patient is entirely preserved for possible future revival.

Tomorrow Bio offers all-inclusive whole-body cryopreservation plans for a value of €200,000 (usually paid for through life insurance). This cover all the necessary steps: 

  • Dispatch of the SST team to the member's location.
  • Standby pending legal death.
  • Stabilization and field cryoprotection.
  • Transportation of the patient to the long-term storage facility 
  • Cooling to -196°C (or -140°C for ITS) and vitrification.
  • Indefinite care, monitored by our medical staff.
  • Possible future revival.

Brain Cryopreservation

Alternatively, you can decide to gift your loved ones a brain-only subscription. Instead of the whole body, only the brain will be preserved. The procedure used is no different from that for whole-body cryopreservation. It includes SST, field cryoprotection, and all what is listed above.

According to current scientific consensus, memory and everything that forms one's personality is located in the brain, preserving only the brain is most likely sufficient for possible future revival, once the necessary technology is developed.

Many prefer this option because, as both the procedure and long-term storage are more economical than the whole-body, it costs only €60.000.

family of 4 with a sunset
What if you could extend the time you have to spend with the people you love?

How Can You Gift a Cryopreservation?

Have you decided that this is the perfect gift to show your loved ones how much you care and want a chance to explore the future with them? All you have to do is sign up for them online in a few simple steps. And don't worry, you won't have to pay the full amount up front - as we’ll explain shortly.

Let's take a good look at what you need to do.

Sign Up Online

Once you have decided which plan you want to give to your loved one, all you have to do is sign up online. To do so, you can use this link.

Go through our online sign up and fill in the basic information about you and your loved one and select which cryopreservation option you’d like to gift. Initially you will only pay the €25 monthly membership fee

Additionally, If you decide to give this gift before Christmas, we have a discount for you. Use code GIFT50 at checkout and get your loved one 50% discount for 6 months.

At the end of this step, we will send you our Welcome box by mail. We recommend that you plan this gift a few weeks in advance so that you will receive our package in time to put it under the Christman tree!

Only after the recipient of your gift has confirmed their intention to be cryopreserved will you decide together how to fund their cryopreservation. Are you wondering how much a plan with term life insurance would cost your loved ones? For the brain-only option, calculate your price here. For whole-body cryopreservation, fill in the calculator below.

Schedule a Call With Our Team

After your online sign-up, we’ll send you a link that you can use to schedule a call between you, your loved one, and Tomorrow Bio's founder and CEO Dr. Emil Kendziorra. This call is very important as your loved one may have several concerns and questions about the cryonics procedure and the chances of future revival. Through this call they can learn about human cryopreservation from a doctor and expert in the field.

Finalize the Plan

At Tomorrow Bio we highly value respect, informed consent, and relationships with our members. This is why at the end of the call your loved one must confirm that they want to continue with the subscription. 

Once everyone is on board, your loved one can sign their Biostasis contract digitally. They can decide whether to continue with the option you choose (whole-body or brain) or change it. They will also have to select their funding method

Most of our members decide to use term life insurance, whole-life insurance or a mix of the two. This way, they can cover their cryopreservation and long-term storage with small monthly payments. Our experts are always available to explain the differences between the methods and help you choose which is the best option for your loved one.

Please note that, if your loved one decides they are not interested, we will abide by their decision and terminate the contract.

Who Can Gift a Cryopreservation?

There are no prerequisites for who can gift a cryopreservation. Whether you are a member of Tomorrow Bio, of another cryonics organization or you have not yet decided to sign up, you can choose this option. For example, you might think that ensuring cryopreservation for your parents is more urgent than organizing it for yourself.

Whatever your case, you can use this service.


By giving the gift of a human cryopreservation, you give your loved ones the chance at an extended life in the future. Technology advances by the day, enabling things that only a few years ago we would have considered unimaginable. Several diseases that are incurable today will soon have a cure.

Thanks to cryonics, many people's lives may be saved, as they will have a way to reach the future where they can potentially be cured. By signing up for cryopreservation, you and your loved ones could be among these people.

The day revival technology is developed, you can wake up together in a new world populated by innovative technologies and unthinkable possibilities. Do you think this could be the meaningful gift you were looking for?

To learn more about this service, have a look at our website. If you already know that you want to sign up one of your loved ones for cryopreservation, you can do so through this link. Don’t forget to use the code GIFT50 at checkout for a 50% discount for 6 months on your loved one’s membership fee!

Tomorrow Bio is the worlds fastest growing human cryopreservation provider. Our all inclusive cryopreservation plans start at just 31€ per month. Learn more here.