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Can Cryonics Help You Benefit From Longevity?

Cryonics and longevity go hand in hand. So how can you benefit from them?

Most people like the idea of living longer. Some people try diets to improve their health, while others try to be more active. While these can improve one’s quality of life, cryonics has the potential to help you benefit from advancements in longevity science.


Cryonics and longevity are two words you’ll come across frequently when researching cryopreservation. Understanding what these words mean is important to learn how a longer life might be achieved.

The Definition of Cryonics

Cryonics, aka human cryopreservation, is the practice of preserving human bodies after legal death at cryogenic or sub-freezing temperatures in liquid nitrogen at -196°C. At this temperature, a patient is vitrified, cellular decay has been paused, and the person is in a state of biostasis. This allows them to be preserved and stored indefinitely until their cause of death can be cured, and they can be revived with the aid of future medical technology.  

The Definition of Longevity

Longevity refers to long life, specifically of an individual. The length of one’s existence depends on multiple factors such as genetics, their health, fitness, even their location and quality of life. 

As technology, medicine, and society advance, this can increase life expectancy. The more scientists understand what happens to human bodies as they age, the more solutions can be developed to address and potentially reverse the effects of aging.

A man reading a newspaper with a smile on his face.
With recent scientific developments, we understand how aging affects our bodies.

What Is Longevity Science?

Simply put, longevity science is research that aims to extend the human lifespan and healthspan. In recent decades, the field of longevity research has witnessed a boom. For example in 2013, the scientific journal Cell published a paper on the 9 different hallmarks of aging. This study describes aging as a complex process that consists of multiple interconnected mechanisms that contribute to age-related decay in an organism. This decay can result in impared functions and an increased vulnerability to certain diseases such as heart disease and cancer. In addition, other research areas focused on longevity such as therapeutics, stem-cell therapies, and even cryonics are working to find ways to improve and extend human life expectancy.

One of the main aims of the cryonics industry is to provide individuals the opportunity to decide how long they choose to live. While a person is cryopreserved, longevity research has the time necessary to advance and develop new innovations and techniques to counter the effects of aging on the body. If and when revival technology is developed, these new technologies will benefit anyone who has opted for cryonics. For Tomorrow members, they will possibly experience them during the revival process.  

Longevity research and cryonics work in tandem with the common goal of extending human lifespans. This sector will be critical in the following decades to further advance our understanding of aging and longevity, and how scientists can continue to extend it. However, this research will require time. Lucky for cryonics, time is not a problem as patients can be stored indefinitely until revival technologies have developed. 


Scientists are starting to deeply understand the effects of aging on the human body. This is a tremendous step in learning how technologies might be able to reverse the effects on people. This means that one day, humanity may be able to overcome aging. When, however, we aren’t sure.

One way people can benefit from longevity is through cryonics, specifically by signing up for cryopreservation. This life-saving procedure will allow people the option to live a longer life in the future where they will benefit from longevity research and technology. 

Curious about this procedure? Check out Tomorrow Insight where we cover all things related to cryonics, including our cryopreservation process. Have questions? Feel free to contact us via Discord, and we’ll see you tomorrow!

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