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How To Explain That Cryonics Is Worth It

Is cryonics worth it? To you, yes, but what about your loved ones?

So, you’ve just signed up for human cryopreservation. You did background research, decided cryonics is worth it, chose a provider that fits your needs, picked a plan, and signed up. You’re ready to enjoy the possibilities of the future! Job done, right?

What about your loved ones? Your family members and friends? Have you talked to them about this decision? Signing up for a medical service like cryopreservation is a big commitment, one you should be proud of. Perhaps you would like to have your whole family with you in the future, your parents and maybe your children. Or at least you want to inform them of this possibility so that they can choose whether cryonics is right for them. But how do you tell them that cryopreservation is worth it? 

This can seem daunting. Where should you start? Here are some tips for how you can explain to loved ones why cryonics is worth it.  

Be Informative

‍Cryonics has been around for 60 years and has made a significant impact on pop culture from films to video games. Unfortunately, sometimes people have misconceptions as to how this science works in practice, or have no idea whatsoever. They might think it’s a scam or that the procedure can’t work in reality. Ultimately, human cryopreservation is about saving lives through this innovative technology, and allowing people the choice to decide how long they want to live. It’s important to inform your loved ones exactly what cryonics is, what its goals are, and how human cryopreservation will help achieve them. One way you can do this is by sharing information related to cryopreservation and the scientific research behind it with them. At Tomorrow Bio, our Insight page has over 225 articles ranging from scientific discourse about cryopreservation to longevity research.

But what if they have misgivings? It’s important to understand their concerns first. That way you can provide them with the information and answers to help clarify any worries they may have about the procedure. Do they think cryonics is unnatural? You can inform them that, in nature, biostasis is a naturally occurring phenomenon. Perhaps they think that the industry is still too niche and needs time to grow. You can show them how this science is used in the modern world from preserving red blood cells and sperm to stem cell research.

Facts and information are important, but it’s also necessary to explain why you believe cryonics is worth it. 

Be Personal

Be personal as to why cryonics is important to you, and why you decided to sign up for it. This allows your loved ones to see how you are handling any issues related to human cryopreservation such as confronting their mortality. Any concerns they may have may be reassured if you explain how you have worked through similar problems. If your loved ones hear this from someone they trust, they may be more inclined to listen and trust you.

Essentially, tell them your story.

A family silhouetted against a sunset.
Be personal when explaining why cryonics is worth it.

Be Honest

Let’s face it, we don’t know exactly what the future will hold if and when revival works. But that doesn’t mean you have to face it alone. Having family or loved ones, even your pet with you upon revival will help as you reintegrate into society. 

If having familiar faces with you upon waking up is something you want, be honest with your loved ones about this. Your family and friends mean everything to you. It would be devastating if you were suddenly separated from them. Discuss with them how much they mean to you and why you would be happy if they could join you in the future. After all, for most people a future with loved ones is better than a future alone. 

Two people having a discussion about cryonics.
Share your story as to why you think cryonics is worth it.

What If Cryonics Works?

There is one question that you can expect from loved ones when talking about cryonics: will revival even work? While we don’t know when or if revival technology will be developed, we can at the moment store cryopreserved patients indefinitely. 

Several technological and medical advancements in the past were deemed doomed to fail, or impossible. Before the Wright Brothers' flight in 1903, the idea of man flying was inconceivable. Now, we can fly around the world, and even launch a rocket to the moon. 

Perhaps the question to ask your loved one is “what if does works?” If revival works, imagine waking up in the future with your loved ones right beside you. 

You can ask them what they think the future will hold. Maybe even provide them with information about technological and medical research that could affect how we live in the future. Whatever diseases ailed you or your loved one in your previous lives could be cured; longevity research may be able to push the boundaries of stopping the aging process, allowing you to live longer than we do now. Isn’t that a future worth sharing with people you care about?

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It can seem challenging to explain why you believe cryonics is worth it to others. However, it is an important decision you’ve undertaken, one that your loved ones should be aware of. By explaining why it’s worth it to you, perhaps they will come to a similar conclusion. Who knows, maybe they’ll consider signing up too! Wouldn’t you all want to wake up together in the future together?

Let us know why you think cryonics is worth it on our Discord server. Don’t forget to check out Tomorrow Insight for more information about cryonics, Tomorrow Bio, and more. See you tomorrow!

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