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Why Cryonics Makes Sense in Your 20s

Signing up for cryopreservation while you’re young provides you with some great long-term benefits.

So, you’re in your 20s, you’ve heard about cryonics, and you’re interested in signing up. That makes sense! Becoming a member of the cryonics community early on is a great way to set yourself up for a chance at life in the future. But, it’s understandable if you’re a little hesitant. You may think that making the investment for cryopreservation can wait. Why not? You’re young, healthy, and have your whole future in front of you. But signing up for cryopreservation isn’t something you should procrastinate about. Joining the cryonics community makes sense in your 20s—it becomes more affordable, guarantees insurability, helps improve the biostasis community, and can give you confidence in your daily life. To learn more, let’s explore each of these points below.

4 Reasons Cryonics Makes Sense When You’re Young

1. Cryonics is More Affordable With Longer Coverage

With Tomorrow Bio, your cryopreservation, long-term storage, and possible future revival costs €200.000. While that price tag can seem high, there’s a lot that goes into creating the optimal circumstances for a high-quality cryopreservation. You can read more about what’s included in the price here. For now, it’s important to focus on the fact that the sooner you become a member for cryopreservation, the more affordable it becomes. Some of the funding options include term life insurance, whole life insurance, or paying out of pocket. When you sign up for cryonics in your 20s, term life insurance makes it more affordable than a monthly coffee addiction.

Term life insurance is a fixed contract that provides you with coverage up to a certain age. If you were to pass away during the term, the beneficiary is paid out in full and your cryopreservation procedure is covered. If you want your term life insurance to cover your cryopreservation, all you need to do is make your cryonics provider (Tomorrow Bio) the beneficiary. The younger you start your policy, the more affordable it becomes. All of the prices displayed below are rough estimates. They may increase if you have underlying health conditions or other individual risk factors. 

  • A healthy, 25 year old who takes out a term life insurance policy will likely end up paying €29/month. 
  • A 35 year old who signed up for term life insurance will be given coverage for €34/month.
  • Someone who is 45 years old and signs up for term life insurance may find their monthly premiums increase to €65/month. 
  • If you wait until you’re 55 years old, your term life insurance premiums become €110/month.

As you can see, the earlier you start, the better your rate. The rate doesn’t change over time, so if you sign up in your 20s you’ll continue paying the same amount until the policy end date. The monthly insurance rate will still be paired with Tomorrow Bio’s €25/month membership fee, which also remains stable over time. 

Signing up for cryonics in your 20s with term life insurance provides you with much longer periods of coverage. Due to increasing monthly costs as you age, people in their 20s end up paying around the same amount of money for 40 years of coverage as someone who signed up for in their 40s would pay for 20 years of coverage. It just makes sense.

2. Your Guaranteed Insurability 

Insurability involves the characteristics required to be acceptable for insurance providers. Some of the factors that can affect this include health history, hobbies, gender, policy details, and… you guessed it, age. When you sign up for term life insurance in your 20s, you’ll be guaranteed coverage until the end of the contract. If you wait and you end up being diagnosed with a chronic condition or disease, you may either become uninsurable or face drastically higher monthly premiums. This would mean you’d have to pay for cryopreservation out of pocket instead of having the ability to do so through term life insurance. 

On the contrary, if you have an active term life insurance policy and are diagnosed with an underlying condition or disease, your price will remain the same. Insurance providers cannot legally raise your monthly premiums if you have an active policy until the end date (if you decide to renew or get a new policy). Making the decision to be cryopreserved now, especially during your 20s, is the best way to avoid this. 

3. Help Advance Development 

Although it’s been around for decades, biostasis is still a fairly new industry. However, the more people that sign up, the more affordable (and developed) cryopreservation can become over time. By getting involved early, you can help contribute to research, raise awareness, and spread positive information about the industry to friends and family. Membership fees contribute to research and development needed to improve cryopreservation procedures, enhance cryoprotective agents, and increase the number of standby teams around the world. Signing up in your 20s not only allows you to do something good for yourself, but also for the people who are interested in cryonics. Your commitment to cryonics at an early age can help develop the field while lowering the collective price for others interested. 

4. Gain a Stronger Peace of Mind

Procrastination is a dangerous habit that tends to increase stress and interrupt long-term thinking. When it comes to cryopreservation, cryocrastination is common. People may think they have plenty of time before they need to make their decision. However, one thing that becomes clearer as we get older is that time moves fast. The sooner you make the decision to move forward with cryonics, the less you’ll spend stressing about it over the years. This will also increase the likelihood that you follow through, as the longer we put things off, the less likely we are to actually complete them. Why create a situation that could lead to missed opportunities?  

Cryonics also makes sense in your 20s because it provides you with the confidence you need to navigate your daily life. Although many cases of death are foreseen and dying in your 20s is statistically unlikely (especially in developed countries), becoming a cryonics member now still provides you with some added peace of mind. The sooner you decide to commit, the longer you’ll be covered in the rare occurrence that something unexpected does happen. 


Signing up for cryonics provides you with several long-term benefits, but if you’re older that’s okay too. The sooner you sign up, the better. If you still have some unanswered questions left, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at Tomorrow Bio. We’re happy to help you learn more about the cryonics industry. 

For those who are interested in cryonics and want to start supporting research while you save up and get informed, check out our Tomorrow Fellow program!

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