Tomorrow Bio Pricing

Standard Membership

Valid as of July, 2024.
Cost: €50 per month
Service Provided:
  • Standby, stabilization, and transport (SST) teams maintained, training, and on-call 24/7 to dispatch to member. An SST team usually consists of a surgical lead, a surgical assistant, a perfusionist, and a logistics support.
  • Training and maintenance of local first response volunteer teams that can dispatch to members that pass away unexpectedly.
  • Continuous customer support: setting up life insurance, contract addendum's, last will and patient advance directive creation, etc.
  • Funding developmental research to improve cryopreservation procedures and equipment.
  • Welcome box including membership bracelet and membership card.
  • Admission to Tomorrow Bio member events.


Valid as of November, 2023
Whole-Body Cost: One-time cost of €200,000
Brain-Only Cost: One-time cost of €75,000
Funding Options: Term life insurance, whole life insurance, last will (in some cases), direct payment (in some cases)
Service Provided:
SST (€80,000 for whole-body, €50,000 for brain-only)
  • Standby: If a Tomorrow Bio member is close to legal death (forewarning is possible in most cases), one of our SST teams will dispatch to the member's location and wait in close proximity to begin the stabilization quickly after legal death. In case of false alarms, SST teams may go on standby multiple times for one member.
  • Stabilization: After legal death, the SST team will begin stabilizing procedures. This often includes cardio pulmonary support with a LUCAS device, intubation, administration of medications such as Heparin, external cooling with ice-water mixture, internal cooling with peritoneal and colonic lavage, surgical access to the heart and subsequent perfusion of cryoprotectant agents.
  • Transport: Following stabilization and cryoprotection, the SST team will transport the patient to the long-term care (storage) facility. This could happen in one of Tomorrow Bio's SST ambulances, or if necessary, the SST team will build a transport case packed with dry ice and transport the patient by plane.
Long-Term Care (€120,000 for whole-body, €10,000 for brain-only)
  • Upon arriving at the long-term care facility the patient will be placed in a controlled cool down box and have their temperature gradually lowered to -196°C over the course of around 10 days. Once fully cooled, the patient is placed in their own pod in a cryogenic dewar filled with liquid nitrogen.
  • Patient's can be stored in cryopreservation indefinitely with the occasional topping off of liquid nitrogen in the dewars. The maintenance costs of keeping patients cryopreserved is covered through the return of very low risk investments of the long-term care funds.
  • Should treatments and reanimation procedures become available for the patient's condition, the remaining long-term care funds would be used to pay for the procedure. If any funds remain after the reanimation procedure, they can be returned to the patient.