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Benefits Of Being A Tomorrow Fellow

Considering supporting cryonics? Become a Tomorrow Bio Fellow!

So, you’ve been researching cryonics and human cryopreservation. Maybe you’re interested in our services but can’t afford the full sign-up right now. Or perhaps you’re still on the fence about it, but want to support scientific advancements in the biostasis field. How can you do this? By becoming a Tomorrow Fellow.

What Is A Tomorrow Bio Fellow?

Tomorrow Fellow is Tomorrow Bio’s program for people who might not be 100% ready to sign up for cryopreservation, but still want to support research and development in the cryonics industry. Or maybe you still need some time to think about signing up (we call this cryocrastination). Whatever your reason for delaying signing up, the Tomorrow Fellow program allows you to prepare yourself for the future as well as advance the field of biostasis. How is this possible? For just €5 a month, you can support Tomorrow Bio’s research and development efforts, while saving up for your own cryopreservation. That’s the same price as a pint of beer or a slice of pizza. But why should you consider joining as a Tomorrow Fellow? How will you benefit from this program?

Benefits of Being A Fellow

Discount For Cryopreservation

As a Tomorrow Fellow, your monthly contributions are used to help you save up for your own cryopreservation. How is this done? For every €5 you contribute, you’ll get €6 off your future membership fees if you become a full member. You read that right. When you become a full member, every contribution you made plus an additional 20% bonus will be deducted from your membership fees. By signing up as a Tomorrow Fellow, you can start saving for your future cryopreservation at the price of a pint per month. Not a bad deal for that price!

Interested in comparing your monthly fee to a full member? You can calculate the price of your plan without obligation below.

The Tomorrow Fellow program is a great option for anyone that is interested in cryonics but may be unable to afford the full cost. You’ll be able to start saving up for this service and supporting Tomorrow Bio’s research. Here’s how it works.

Research & Development

Monthly fees by Tomorrow Fellows directly contribute to our research and development (R&D). With additional funding, Tomorrow Bio can create better equipment to aid in the cryoprotection process. A majority of the equipment used is specialized and made directly in-house. Funding allows our team of experts to experiment with new designs that can increase the speed and quality of field cryopreservation procedures. 

In addition to this, your monthly fees could help to research and develop better cryoprotectant solutions. These are the solutions that help cool down a patient’s body during the procedure so that they can be stored indefinitely at sub-zero temperatures. Optimizing the chemical properties of these cryoprotectants can help improve the quality of cryopreservation, including yours. 

It’s not just the quality of the tools and solutions we use that benefit from your contributions, but also improvements for long-term storage. Currently, Tomorrow Bio uses cryogenic storage dewars to store patients indefinitely. These vacuum containers are capable of housing up to four people and are continuously monitored inside the European Biostasis Foundation (EBF) facility in Rafz, Switzerland. Tomorrow Bio is also looking to develop and utilize specialized dewars known as Intermediate Temperature Storage dewars (ITS) for future services that are specifically designed for human storage. This storage device would allow patients to be cryopreserved with less thermal stress and fracturing, something that can occur using normal cryogenic storage dewars. 

These are some of the ways your monthly contributions help support Tomorrow Bio, but that’s not all! There are additional benefits that Tomorrow Fellows receive when they sign up with us.

An exterior picture of European Biostasis Foundation's long-term storage facility in Rafz, Switzerland
EBF’s storage facility in Rafz, Switzerland will house Tomorrow Bio’s patients until future revival.

Additional Perks

When you sign up as a Tomorrow Fellow, you’ll also receive a few gifts from us. These include:

  • A free Tomorrow Bio T-Shirt
  • Invitations to our Members-Only events and newsletter where we’ll update you on the latest developments at Tomorrow Bio, and the cryonics industry
  • Regular research reports so you can stay up to date with the latest scientific developments and see how your contributions are being used.

Tomorrow Bio employees wearing Tomorrow Bio T-Shirts
Choose which T-Shirt you want when you sign up as a Tomorrow Fellow.

All of this for only €5. Pretty good deal, right?

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Human cryopreservation is still a niche field of science that is looking to become more mainstream. As our community grows, the price of cryonics will likely become more affordable. At Tomorrow Bio, we want to make this service available to any and everyone. That’s why we came up with our Fellow program. Anyone interested in our research can help support us through this opportunity, even if they are on the fence about cryopreservation. If you want to see developments within the industry, your contributions as a Tomorrow Fellow could make a difference. With your support, we can continue to advance cryonics and biostasis. 

Interested in becoming a Tomorrow Fellow? Check out our website to learn more about how you can sign up and support Tomorrow Bio. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via Discord, and see you tomorrow!

Tomorrow Bio is the worlds fastest growing human cryopreservation provider. Our all inclusive cryopreservation plans start at just 31€ per month. Learn more here.