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What Do You Know About Tomorrow Bio?

Learn more about Tomorrow Bio and our work in cryonics.

While researching cryonics, you may have stumbled across cryonics aka human cryopreservation provider called Tomorrow Bio. Have you heard of us? Maybe you have, or maybe this is your first time learning about us. Allow us to introduce ourselves.

What is Tomorrow Bio?

Tomorrow Bio is the first biotech company specializing in human cryopreservation in Europe. We provide cryopreservation services and are actively working towards advancing the field of biostasis through innovative research, and informative content. This supports our initiative to raise awareness about this field.

What is Cryonics?

Cryonics is the practice of preserving human bodies after legal death at cryogenic temperatures (-196°C or -140°C for ITS). At these temperatures, patients are in a glass-like state, or vitrified. In this state, cellular decay is paused throughout the body and a patient is in biostasis. While in this condition, cryopreserved patients can be stored indefinitely at a long-term storage facility until they are potentially revived. 

So, how did this all come together? Let’s start at the beginning.

Tomorrow Bio co-founders Fernando Azevedo Pinheiro and Dr. Emil Kendziorra standing in front of the SST ambulance.‍
Co-founders Fernando Azevedo Pinheiro and Dr. Emil Kendziorra are the minds behind Tomorrow Bio.

Our History

Prior to its inception, our co-founder and CEO Dr. Emil Kendziorra, worked in cancer research for several years before turning his attention toward human cryopreservation. Most people die from diseases that may be curable in the future including cancer, and even old age. People with terminal diseases today may be helped with the aid of tomorrow’s medical developments. Cryonics could be the solution to give patients the chance at future medical treatments. Through this technology, patients can be put into biological pause after their legal death and stored indefinitely. If future medical technology can treat the condition that led to their death and revive them, they can enjoy an extended life. Not only would patients be cured of their diseases, but they would also have a chance to experience the future.

Tomorrow Bio was co-founded in 2019 by Dr. Kendziorra and Fernando Azevedo Pinheiro in Berlin, Germany. They envisioned a world where people could choose how long they wanted to live, independent of who they were, where they were from, and their financial situation. This vision could be achieved only through human cryopreservation. To guarantee long-term safety and stability of Tomorrow Bio’s members, Dr. Kendziorra and other cryonics professionals established the European Biostasis Foundation (EBF) in Basil, Switzerland. This non-profit organization is dedicated to research in the fields of biostasis, cryobiology, and biopreservation. In addition, they also partner with Tomorrow Bio by providing long-term storage within their facility in Rafz, Switzerland.

Over the course of 2020, Dr. Kendziorra and Tomorrow Bio’s engineers established the necessary medical infrastructure. This included procuring an ambulance and modifying it for the purposes of human cryoprotection. In addition, custom-made equipment was developed such as our perfusion and cooling systems to carry out the procedure. 

However, it wasn’t until the start of 2021 that we opened our doors for cryopreservation sign-ups all over Europe, and in 2022 we launched our Tomorrow Fellow Program and brain cryopreservation option.

That’s the short version of our company’s history, but what do we actually do?

What Are Our Services?

At Tomorrow Bio, we provide a range of services and initiatives to anyone interested in supporting the advancement of biostasis. This includes:

We also provide medical standby teams (SST), ensuring readiness and training in field cryoprotection procedures. Our mission is to raise awareness and inform people honestly and transparently about the possibilities of cryoprotection and biostasis. 

Tomorrow Bio’s SST team working inside their specialized ambulance.
At Tomorrow Bio, we are working to advance the field of biostasis

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Our Goals

The science of human cryopreservation is still in its infancy as it’s only 60 years old. In that time, research has greatly advanced cryoprotection procedures - but there are still areas for improvement. At Tomorrow Bio, we have several research goals that can be divided into these categories:

  • Perfusion & Procedures
  • Quality Development
  • Improvements & Ischemia
  • Long-Term Storage
  • Warming & Restoration of Life 

So far, we are utilizing professional medical-grade pumps and circuit setups to improve the quality of cryoprotection. This helps address issues such as pressure control, bubble avoidance, and pulsative flow to name a few. We are continuously working to improve upon this technology by incorporating new medical data and technology that can be applied specifically to cryonics. 

We have also taken steps to set up training plans in order to create a network of first responders that can help with first aid cryopreservation response. Quality cryoprotection needs efficiency and skill. Providing hands-on support and training to first responders can help ensure members receive the best care possible even in remote locations. 

This is just a sample of some of the progress that Tomorrow Bio has made over the course of the past year. 


Since our inception in 2019, we’ve come a long way. We’ve experienced significant growth since then, thanks to the entrepreneurial vision and passion of our co-founders. Our team continues to grow just like our organization. While we may be a young company, our drive and determination have helped us become the fastest-growing human cryopreservation provider in the world. We will continue to offer the best possible services throughout Europe, and advance research in biostasis and human cryopreservation. Perhaps one day, humanity will reach a point where they can decide the length of their life. Until then, we will carry on advancing our industry. 

Interested in our services and aiding our research? You can use our price calculator below to find out how much an all-inclusive cryopreservation plan would cost you. Or, consider joining our Tomorrow Fellow program and supporting our research. You can also reach out to us via social media including  Discord, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about us and our services. 

See you tomorrow! 

Tomorrow Bio is the worlds fastest growing human cryopreservation provider. Our all inclusive cryopreservation plans start at just 31€ per month. Learn more here.