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Understanding Tomorrow Bio’s Products and Services

So, you're thinking of signing up and want to understand what services we offer.

Cryonics is a rather unique industry service. For one thing, it’s not a common practice, so if you're interested you need to research which cryonics organization might be right for you. Also, it’s quite complex. One article on the subject might not be enough to understand all the basic details! For this reason, at Tomorrow Bio we do our best to produce clear and comprehensive content. So, let's assume that you live in Europe and are considering signing up with us. What services and products are we providing exactly?

All-Inclusive Cryopreservation Plan

First of all, who are we? We are Tomorrow Bio, the first cryonics (aka biostasis) organization in Europe. Tomorrow Bio was founded in 2019 by doctors, engineers, and entrepreneurs. We have two main goals: to further biostasis science, and to ensure that high quality cryopreservation becomes affordable and accessible for anyone who wants it.

The main service we offer is an all-inclusive cryopreservation plan. After your legal death (to be more precise, as soon as possible after pronouncement), one of our standby teams will lower your body temperature, perform on-site cryoprotection, and transport you to the long-term storage location. Our partner organization, European Biostasis Foundation (EBF), is in charge of the storage facility, based in Rafz, Switzerland. There, you will remain preserved until the day future medical technology has developed enough to treat the causes of death and revive you.

Who can apply for our cryopreservation plans? Anyone who is based in Europe (and soon in the U.S.). We don't differentiate between gender, political and sexual orientation, or economic status. We believe that everyone should have a chance to choose how long they want to live.

Unfortunately, since human cryopreservation is still a niche practice, the cost remains the major issue for some. As we will explain later on, the most common way to finance a plan is through term life insurance. The monthly cost of this varies according to age and medical history. So, while signing up when you are young is advantageous, it may become more expensive if you are older. If you want to know more about pricing, check this article.

What’s Included in the Plan

Our plans are all-inclusive. This means that we will take care of every aspect. Once you sign up with us and prepare the necessary documents, all you have to do is enjoy life!

Nowadays, the major causes of death are diseases related to old age. So in all likelihood, it will be many years before our team is notified for your cryopreservation. So let’s have a look in detail at what is included in our plans.

  1. Notification. Statistically, in most cases of death there is forewarning. When a pre-existing condition worsens, you, a relative, a friend or your physician can notify us so that a standby team can dispatch to you ahead of your pronouncement. Our teams are on call 24/7 and they will reach your location as fast as possible. If you pass away suddenly, there are several ways we can be notified including your member bracelet, patient advance directive, next of kin, or our emergency app. 
  2. Dispatch. Based on your location, it will be decided which standby team can reach you faster. Then it will be determined which mode of transport (ambulance or plane) is the best to avoid possible delays. If you are in Western Europe at the time of your passing, the team will most likely drive to you in one of our specially equipped ambulances. If you were to die outside of Europe, a team, and all the necessary cryoprotection equipment, would be dispatched to you by plane.
  3. Local teams. While a standby team is dispatched, our team at Tomorrow Bio will, when possible, coordinate with local resources. If you were to be declared dead before the team arrived, we would inform the attending medical professionals of the procedures necessary to slow degradation processes (placing you in an ice water mixture, performing cardiopulmonary support, etc.). Additionally, we plan to build up a network of teams in Europe who could begin first aid procedures while the professional standby team is on its way to you.
  4. Full cryoprotection on-site. Once the standby team reaches you, they’ll perform full-body cryoprotection on site. Exact cryoprotection procedures will vary depending on the circumstances of each patient. In a typical case, initial cool down starts by placing the patient in an ice water mixture. The patient is then given a range of medications that reduce metabolic load, and protect tissues and cells. Cardiopulmonary support (CPS) is used to circulate blood and the patient receives oxygen through intubation. After initial cooling, the perfusion of low concentration cryoprotectant agents begins. As the patient continues to cool, stronger concentrations of cryoprotectant solutions are perfused until the concentration is high enough for vitrification. The final temperature reached during cryoprotection is -76°C (dry ice temperature). At this point the perfusion is stopped and the focus becomes temperature maintenance.
  5. Transportation. Once the procedure is completed, the standby team will transport you to EBF’s long-term storage facility in Rafz, Switzerland. If the facility is within reasonable driving distance, you will be transported in the SST ambulance. If reaching the facility requires plane transport, then the team will pack you with dry ice and insulation to maintain -76°C until they can reach the final destination. At the long-term storage facility, you will be further cooled down to -196°C before you are placed in a cryogenic storage dewar filled with liquid nitrogen to maintain your temperature indefinitely. Final cooling usually takes a few weeks because lowering the temperature too quickly could cause significant thermal stress. You will then remain in this dewar with a regular resupply of liquid nitrogen until medical technology has advanced enough to treat you.
  6. Future revival. Once future medical technology is advanced enough to be able to treat the cause of your death, we will take care of revival. We can’t say how long this will take, probably tens or hundreds of years. Fortunately, you will remain in a state of biological pause, which can be maintained virtually indefinitely. In addition, the sum paid at the time of cryopreservation will cover the costs of refilling the dewar for as long as it takes.

picture of Our Berlin standby team in from of our ambulance equipped for human cryopreservation
Our Berlin standby team in from of our ambulance equipped for field cryoprotection

Pet Cryopreservation for Members

Now, our members can access a special service: pet cryopreservation. In essence, if they want to, they can register their beloved four-legged friend for cryonics. Currently, we only accept dogs and cats.

Why would a member want such a thing? For one thing, many people consider their pets to be family members. The love one has for a dog or a cat can, in some cases, almost be compared with the love one has for a child! For these animal lovers, being able to wake up in the future with their pet might be a source of comfort. We don't know what the future will be like. Many things will probably change over the years so the aftercare may be intense. Why not have a friend by your side?

Our members can sign up as many pets as they like. You have 4 cats? No problem. While the procedure used is similar to that for humans, as far as animals are concerned we don’t offer standby. Owners will have to assume the responsibility of bringing their animals to the long-term storage facility in Switzerland.

Want to learn more about this service? Take a look at our web page.

Tomorrow Fellow Program

Finally, in case you are interested in cryonics but don't yet have the means to sign up as a full member... you should consider our Tomorrow Fellow program. Maybe you're a student who can't afford the full sign up now or maybe you still need some time to think about it (aka cryocrastination). Whatever the case may be, with this program you can take a first step.

By becoming a Tomorrow Fellow, for as little as €5 a month, you’ll contribute to funding cryopreservation research and save up for your own cryopreservation in the future! Let’s have a look at all the perks of joining us as a Fellow.

Perks of Being a Fellow

At Tomorrow Bio, we are committed to improving cryopreservation techniques for future revival technology. The better the procedure, the better the chance that you will one day awaken. This means pushing biostasis research forward and developing better and better equipment. We have an R&D department always on the job! Developing less toxic cryoprotectant agent mixes and improved dewar such as intermediate temperature storage (ITS) dewars, and creating quality protocols are just some of our goals. As a Tomorrow Fellow, you help make all this possible and develop the field of human cryopreservation.

In addition, the investment you make will come back to you increased. In fact, for every €5 you spend, you will receive €6 less on your membership fee when you sign up as a full member. Basically, you start saving on your future cryopreservation at the price of one drink per month.

Finally, as a Tomorrow Fellow you will have a few more special perks. Want to know which ones? Have a look at our webpage.


If you have come this far, you probably now know what services and products Tomorrow Bio offers. You likely have a few more questions. Don't worry, that's why you can schedule a call with one of our experts-who know everything there is to know about cryonics. And if, instead, you've already decided that you want to sign up (as a full member), just click on this link

Tomorrow Bio is the worlds fastest growing human cryopreservation provider. Our all inclusive cryopreservation plans start at just 31€ per month. Learn more here.