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Advantages of Being a Tomorrow Bio Member

What can you expect as a Tomorrow Bio Member?

While researching cryonics, perhaps out of curiosity or interest in signing up for cryopreservation, you may have come across Tomorrow Bio. You found that when you sign up for our cryoprotection service, you become a Tomorrow Member. But what does this mean and what can you expect when you sign up with Tomorrow Bio? Let’s find out. 

Who are Tomorrow Bio Members?

Tomorrow Bio Members are individuals who have enrolled in Tomorrow Bio's all-inclusive cryopreservation plan. This plan includes a variety of services that we will discuss in more detail later. But how is the cost of this service covered? Members can finance it using term or whole life insurance and other alternative funding methods, to cover standby and long-term storage expenses. Additionally, there is a monthly membership fee of €25. The monthly total cost may vary depending on factors such as funding method, age, and medical history. If you would like to learn more, please check out our price calculator:

What Are The Benefits of Being a Tomorrow Bio Member?

After using the price calculator to estimate your monthly fees for cryopreservation, you may be wondering about the benefits of becoming a Tomorrow Member. Here a few:

SST Team Services

Our all-inclusive plan includes multiple services, such as Standby, Stabilization, and Transportation (SST) services. When a member's health exhibits signs of decline, our SST team is immediately notified and dispatched to their location before their legal death. Our teams are available 24/7 and can be deployed even in cases of sudden death. The mode of transportation depends on the member's location. Members in Central or Northern Europe can be reached using our specialized ambulance, while those in further locations may require a private medical jet. This is to ensure timely arrival and transport to the European Biostasis Foundation (EBF) long-term facility in Rafz, Switzerland. If a member passes away before the SST team's arrival, Tomorrow Bio will work with local resources and medical personnel to provide first-aid cryopreservation.

Once the SST team reaches a member, they will begin field cryopreservation (FCP) on-site or at the long-term facility if within the vicinity. At the facility, members will undergo the process of vitrification to prepare them for long-term storage until their future revival.

Long-Term Storage

The EBF provides the facility for long-term care for Tomorrow Bio's patients. The final cryopreservation procedures will be done at the facility i.e. cooling the patient down to -196 degrees celsius, and securely placing them in dewars filled with liquid nitrogen for the maintenance of cryopreservation. Patients are stored in the underground part of the new facility which is located in Rafz, Switzerland. Additionally, EBF conducts basic and translational research and development projects to advance Biostasis science.

European Biostasis Foundation (EBF)


Long-Term Funding

Tomorrow Patient Foundation (TPF), a non-profit, self-perpetuating private benefit organization, is responsible for safeguarding and maintaining the cryopreservation of members until their future revival. TPF invests the long-term storage funds in low-risk investments that generate an annual return of 1-2% above inflation, sufficient to cover the costs of keeping members cryopreserved. In the event of any potential threat to the security of the members, the TPF ensures their protection.

Pet Cryopreservation

Want to wake up in the future to a familiar face? For Tomorrow Bio Members, they have the opportunity to sign up their pets for cryopreservation. Currently, we have plans for large and small dogs (depending on weight) and cats with a monthly fee of €25 per pet. On top of this, pets that are members for more than one year will receive a discount of 50% towards their cryoprotection.

Wouldn’t you want to wake up in the future to a familiar face?

Discount on Family Sign-Ups

Tomorrow Bio members also can receive a discount on their membership fee when relatives sign up for cryopreservation. The more family members sign up, the greater the discount. 

Additional Perks

Here are the additional benefits that Tomorrow Bio members receive upon signing up:

A welcome box from Tomorrow Bio, which includes:

  • A welcome letter signed by Dr. Emil Kendziorra
  • A member card with a unique personal identification ID code
  • A member bracelet with the member's body donor conditions and Tomorrow Bio's contact information
  • Four emergency cards stating the member's desire for cryopreservation, Tomorrow Bio's contact information, and specific emergency instructions
  • A Patient Advance Directive (PAD) template to assist in quickly notifying Tomorrow Bio in case of an unexpected death
  • A Last Will template that can help reduce legal challenges to the member's cryopreservation
  • An emergency instructions document that explains how to fill out the PAD and Last Will
  • A Tomorrow notepad

Tomorrow Bio Welcome Box

In addition to our welcome box, members will also be able to participate in events with Tomorrow Bio such as first-response training and members-only events.


To benefit from life-saving medical technology, enrolling with Tomorrow Bio, Europe's fastest-growing cryonics provider, is the only way. As a member, you'll support the cryonics industry and help to grow the community. The more members we have, the faster our services may reach an economy of scale, reducing the cost of cryopreservation per capita. With monthly fees, we can also fund training and research into biostasis and enhance our cryoprotection services. This is only possible with the support of our members, Tomorrow Fellows, and clients who support research. Don't wait, check out our website for more information or read our online editorial Tomorrow Insight. Alternatively, reach out to us through Discord

See you tomorrow!

Tomorrow Bio is the worlds fastest growing human cryopreservation provider. Our all inclusive cryopreservation plans start at just 31€ per month. Learn more here.